7 Reasons Why Getting Fired Is A Blessing in Disguise

Getting fired isn’t easy and it’s among the last things anyone would like happening to them. Anyone who’s ever lost their job should be able to relate to this devastating experience. A lot of people carry a lot of baggage about the idea of being sacked. Shock, confusion, vulnerability, and anger usually dominate their feelings in the aftermath of suddenly losing their job. They get embarrassed and ashamed when fired and think of it as a mark of shame. The worst thing about it is that it can have a detrimental effect on one’s confidence and self-esteem and also disrupt one’s life.

There are a number of reasons that may lead to one being handed the pink slip. It could be due to downsizing, change in management or simply you were not fit for that job. This can also be a blessing in disguise. Whatever the reasons, the best thing is for you to recognize them and work on them positively. With the right approach and perspective, you can work out things to your advantage.

1. Take Some Time For Yourself

I know, getting fired can make you feel dejected, angry and mad at yourself. While one might feel that their future is uncertain, it’s crucial to note that getting fired is not the end of your career. Calming yourself and having personal time is really important as it helps you steer your life in the right direction. One needs to take good care of themselves by being productive in their day to day life.

Taking some time for oneself after getting fired is a good thing as you get a chance to really ask yourself the important questions in life like, what is it that you really want to do and why do you want it? It can also be a good time to take a break and go for that nice trip that you’ve been planning for ages. This will help you refreshed and ready to tackle the next chapter of your life.

2. Regain Your Self Confidence

It’s important to note that you did not lose your job because you were good for nothing. This is true as there is a reason you got hired in the first place. So don’t hate yourself, instead, pick yourself up and move towards working on your dreams.

Some words of wisdom to consider:

    • Change is good and provides one with the opportunity to grow, without it there is no growth.
    • Let go of that anger and bitterness, as by not doing so you’ll be hurting nobody else but only yourself.
    • Have a daily structure that you strictly follow as it will help guide you to your dreams
    • Forget the poverty mentality and get going with the little that you have.

3. Opportunity To Invest In Yourself

You might have lost your job because you couldn’t keep up with the ever-growing demands of your workplace due to the limitation of your work skills. This might be the right time and perfect opportunity to upgrade your skill-sets. Do that course or training that you’ve always wanted to help boost your qualifications. Go for it, invest in yourself! Things change fast with time and it’s necessary for one to stay at par by taking the new courses, training and even studies. This is important as it may open up new doors and opportunities for you.

4. Helps Open New Opportunities For You To Grow

Getting fired might really be a blessing in disguise and you need to look at it as a positive opportunity to reflect and grow. It can motivate you to aim higher in your new job search and get a chance to work with people who inspire and trust you. You need to sit down and start applying for new jobs. Evaluate your skill sets and experience and ask yourself what you really love. Then, take the time to write down a great resume to that company that you’d love to work for. A great resume will enable you to easily land new jobs. If you’re having difficulties with writing your resume, you can hire a professional from resume writing service to do it for you. It’s important that you don’t burn any bridges when fired. Ensure that you have a perfect personal relationship outside what happened at the job. Also, your former colleagues might come in handy in establishing your new business network and even be among your first and regular clients for your new business. You never know!

5. Get To Start Your Dream Business

Getting fired might be the wake-up call that you so much needed to start your dream business, which you would never have gotten with all the comfort from your previous job. Now that you have time and some capital from the earnings of your previous job, you can put your experience to good use. Starting your own business could be the best chance of being your own boss.  Follow your passion and earn well from what you love to do most. Put all your previous experience to good use and start working hard towards making your dreams come true. You’ve already done that for someone else’s dreams, now it’s your turn!

6. You Lost Your Job, Not Your Dream

When you get fired, you may realize that the job wasn’t right for you. Now that you’re free, you get to choose the job of your dream. Realize that something good might come from you getting sacked. Always stay positive and look at it as a given chance for you to really go after a job that you love. Now, engage yourself in your new job of chasing after your dreams. Go for that job that you’ve always dreamt of!

7. Take Legal Action

Sometimes, one can get fired for no concrete reason. Wrongful terminations are increasingly becoming rampant nowadays and you might be a victim of one. If so, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Legally speaking, employers are required to prove that you were fired for cause. This is not so always, as some employers sack out of malice. Many at times, the unemployment office will lean towards the unemployed job seeker and help the person obtain their compensation benefits from their former employer.


Losing your job is not the end of the world. There are many new opportunities awaiting you in the new world. It may open up your eyes and make you discover that the job wasn’t right for you. It gives you the freedom and opportunity to get to choose the kind of jobs to go after. It enables you to acquire inner strength and presents to you amazing life challenges for you to explore and get to grow into a better person. Getting fired helps you get altitude on your life and career. It presents you with an opportunity to do that business you always wanted to and have an opportunity to be your own boss. Though hard to get around, entrepreneurship provides you with many advantages to up your income – the most important being the ability to evaluate your deals and other people’s deals that fall on your table!

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