The Power of Yes: A Basic Approach to Get More Out of Life

YES is one of the most common words in the english language. Most english speaking humans use this word knowingly and unknowingly. There are many influencing and powerful words in English language, but YES is surely one of the most powerful. It is not just a three letter word, it has a lot of meanings and potential messages. A simple YES can change your day, and your life.

In general, YES is a word that is used to give a positive response and the word denotes that you agree to a question or anything asked by someone. Yes is a word that is used as the opposite of the word, NO. Therefore, you can understand the value or importance of this word in your life.

Here are some important points that let you know the importance and value of the word, YES:

Open the Door to an Opportunity

If anyone presents you a wonderful opportunity and you are unsure if you can do it, say yes because if you say NO, the opportunity is missed forever. If you say yes, you can learn how to do it as you go and ensure the opportunity is not wasted.

Overcome the Fear of Failure

Yes, has magic within it because it helps people to overcome their fear of failure. Fear of failure is common in many people. We fear failure often for no reason, it is nothing short of a guess. So, we end up in saying “no” to many opportunities that come in our way. When you say YES to challenging and fearful moments, you can overcome the fear of failure.

Generate Curiosity 

YES has the ability to generate curiosity amid people regardless of their job or personal life. Curiosity is good because it helps us to learn new things and take risks in our life. Anything that creates a spark of curiosity within us or causes some desire that naturally lays foundation to new knowledge and chances is often our instinct leading us to say YES.

Improve Your Personality 

YES has the power to improve your overall personality. People always like people who say YES to them even if they are facing some challenging situations in their life. People generally don’t like people who say to them NO under any circumstances. However, there will arise some situations in your life here you are required to say no rather than yes. Regardless of what you are doing in your life and whether you are a parent, a teacher, a doctor, a religious priest, a business owner, a politician, yes can change your life and improve your personality.

Build Character.

Saying YES when life provides challenges builds character. When you refuse to say WHY ME, and instead say YES – TRY ME you will never fear challenges again and you will be better prepared to not only face them, but DEFEAT them as well.

Remember that when we say yes, we do more, people believe in us more, more doors will be opened in front of us, we create more chances to develop, and live more enthusiastically.


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