To live a GREAT life, you must develop a powerful morning routine that sets you up for a GREAT day, which, when done with consistency, converts into a GREAT life.

Morning Motivation (Set Your Life Up To Win) – Motivational Video

Start your day with INTENTION
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Speakers: William Hollis + Freddy Fri + Leonard Sicilian

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Transcript – Morning Motivation (Set Your Life Up To Win) – Motivational Speech

Every morning when your feet hit the floor,
tell yourself: TODAY IS THE DAY.

Today is the day I WILL BE AT MY PEAK
. Today is the day I WILL SET MY LIFE UP TO WIN…

Today is the day I PLANT SEEDS that will grow into GREATNESS in my future.

 Today I will GIVE MY ALL.
 Every minute. Every moment. With everyone I encounter.

To live a great life, you gotta get your mornings right. 

Don’t just wander out of bed and throw yourself aimlessly into the drama of this world.

 Set your foundation for a strong day, which will lead to better habits, and in time a better life.

 Get up with PURPOSE and develop a routine that works for you.

 WORKOUT. Get your body moving.
 Create a habit that builds a strong body and a strong mind.

Be grateful.
 Spend at least a few minutes in appreciation for all the things you do have 
and for all the opportunities that are coming your way today.

 THANK YOU for this day.
 THANK YOU I am alive.
 THANK YOU I am healthy.
 THANK you for my family.
 THANK YOU for my DRIVE. My Passion.
 THANK you for the opportunities coming my way today. I AM READY.”

Set your GOALS and INTENTIONS for the day.
 No one will reach their most sought after destination if they don’t know where that place is.
 What are you going to accomplish today?
 What MIRACLES are you going to create today?
 Write them down. BELIEVE you can do it and GET TO WORK.

Start your day with power and INTENTION
 and you will live your life with STRENGTH and DIRECTION.

 I control how I react to everything today.
 Today I will plant seeds for my future.
 Today I am ALIVE. Today I am grateful.
 Today I look for the good. 
Today I notice opportunities.


VISUALIZE what you want from this day. BELIEVE great things are coming.

 MEDITATE. Clear your mind of negativity.


How you start your day often determines how you LIVE your day, so effectively how you start your day determines your future.

How you start your days, consistently, determines the QUALITY of your LIFE!

 You must set up a morning routine that gets you in a strong, positive mind frame, ready for anything this day will throw our way.

Ask yourself the most important questions of all:

“If today were my last day on this earth, 
How do I want to live it?
 What example will I set? 
How will I treat others?


Do not let your dreams go up in smoke. 
You have opportunity this day, to make it your greatest day ever. Even if nothing comes this day – YOUR ATTITUDE will be better than any other day, and that alone will lead to great things.

You just keep doing that every day – GROWING, EVOLVING, giving your all – and you will achieve great things. I can guarantee you!

The BEST DAY of your life… That day is TODAY!

TODAY is your chance to become who you were designed to become.
 To do better. To be BETTER.

TODAY will be the greatest day of my life!

Show me a successful person that aimlessly gets out of bed – wanders out into the crazy world and succeeds at a high level. They don’t exist. 

Get yourself together in the morning.

 Get up early.
 There’s a reason so many people get up earlier than the rest….
NO ONE can bother them.
 The early hours of the morning are the best time to think without distraction, to CREATE, to set goals and to clear your mind of any doubt or negativity.

 Do what works for YOU.
 Just build a strong foundation early in the morning. 
A strong foundation that will lead to a strong LIFE.

 The first thing I do when I get up each morning is day THANK YOU.

NOTHING in this world will get you in a stronger, clearer state of mind than starting your day with gratitude.

Gratitude is not for every now and then,
it’s for EVERY SINLGE DAY. Gratitude is not for weirdos – it’s for WINNERS.

 Successful people are grateful people.

Stay away from social media and news.
 There’s plenty of time to fry your brain for the rest of the day. 

The morning is time to clear your mind of crap and power it up with positive powerful thoughts.

 If it works for you, get in some affirmations.

Develop the mindset and BELIEF of a winner.
 Stand like you already have it. BELIEVE you will get it. Know that it will come if you keep working toward it, if you keep finding out how you can get it.

 Prepare your meals for the day.
 Your body is your temple. Don’t get stuck and have to feed it garbage. Your temple deserves solid foundations.

STRONG food. STRONG body. Strong body. Strong mind.
Strong Mind… STRONG human!

TODAY will be the greatest day of my life!

Those who live great lives know the power of the morning.
The power of creating strong habits in the morning.
 A morning routine that will set you up for an unbreakable day.

morning motivation

If today were my last day on this earth, 
How do I want to live it?
 What example will I set? Click to Tweet
TODAY I will plant seeds for my future Click to Tweet
TODAY will be the greatest day of my life! Click to Tweet

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6 Responses

  1. khanyisa

    great stuff, i tried to wake up early in the morning read some motivationnal books and read my yearly plans and it kind of worked but i was not consistent, guess i have to go back again and see how my life will be.
    thanks for the great stuff

  2. Ade

    I cherish your motivational talk, i need more of it for my personal development and improvement.

  3. Jackie Thomas

    This is a cool speech. I should set it as my morning alarm! I love a good motivation, a book I’ve been currently reading is The Magical Guide to Bliss by Meg Nocero and she has such an inspirational story you just can’t help but learn it’s better to be positive about the things that happen in your life.

    • Meg Nocero

      Wowza! this is amazing!!! Thank you Jackie for the shout out for my book The Magical Guide to Bliss- my daily insights coupled with videos like this and people who are here on the path to inspire you- there is no telling of the amazing things that will evolve in your life- I am definitely following this blog – I love it!! Blessings & Bliss and away we all go -together we rise!! Keep dreaming!!
      Meg Nocero


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