How To Overcome Any Addiction Naturally

It has been said almost everyone living in a first world country is addicted to something. Addictions come in many forms and can bring down just about anyone, no matter your gender or race, we are all at the mercy of addiction. You might not even know that you are currently suffering from an addiction right now. Technology addiction is a real problem, and an example of a potentially devastating addiction which is affecting millions around the world, without anyone really understanding they are addicted, or how to release themselves from that addiction.

Main Types Of Addictions:

The helpful list we provide below may help you overcome any of these addictions: Gambling Addiction, Technology Addiction, Substance Addiction (Drug, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs) and Behavioral Addictions (see below).

Behavioral Addictions:

Food (eating) related addiction
Sex addiction
Pornography (attaining, viewing) related addiction
Addiction to technology (computers / the internet, video games)
Addiction to Working
Addiction to Exercising
Spiritual obsession related addiction
Addiction to Pain (seeking pain)
Addiction to Self Harm
Addiction to Shopping

5 Ways You Can Overcome Any Addiction Naturally

1. Overcome Any Addiction With A Purpose That Is Greater Than The Addiction

One of the key reasons anyone has previously overcome an addiction is they had a purpose that meant more to them than their addiction. They might have been facing death, so living was more meaningful to them than dying… it was a MUST they overcome their addiction. They may have done it for their kids, or their family (a purpose that was greater than their addiction)

Find that purpose and think about how much it means to you. Think about why you MUST overcome this addiction.

2. Overcome Any Addiction With Goals & Commitment

Set big goals that excite you, goals that are hard to achieve but will be very rewarding when you do finally get there. Write down clear goals with exact dates you must achieve them, so you are always busy working on creating your bright future. Fill your time with things that challenge and inspire you. If you have a compelling future you won’t have the time or interest in doing anything that could harm that future vision.

Make a commitment to yourself, in writing that you will achieve these goals. Write down what it would mean (what pain you would suffer) if you didn’t achieve the goals. Write down WHY YOU MUST.

3. Overcome Any Addiction With Meditation, Yoga & Healing

If you don’t already know about the power of meditation to enhance your life on all levels, it is certainly time you should. Meditation, and Yoga can be helpful to release stress and anxiety related with any addiction. Meditation can bring you back into the present moment with a clarity of thought you may never have experienced, this may help you make better choices and over time guide you to a better life. Many studies have pointed to meditation being a powerful healer of addictions but also a great stress release for every day living.

Energy healing may be another natural, spiritual alternative to help you overcome any addiction.

4. Overcome Any Addiction With Self-Help

Feeding your mind with positive, powerful thoughts and learning more, both about addictions and how to overcome them, but also learning how to enhance your life through proven principles, from proven, great teachers, can only have a positive effect on your life.

Dive deep into self-development. Once you get going and notice your progress, in all areas of your life, you simply will not be able to stop. Doing this will get your mind off your addictions very fast, as it will become more important for you to continue that progress rather than take it away with an addictive behavior.

5. Overcome Any Addiction by Getting Professional Help

By professional help, we are not suggesting drugs. Prescription or otherwise. From a “professional” or not. We are suggesting professional, natural help from a teacher, coach or mentor with proven results. Do your research and find an expert in your field, that suits your needs. They may not be a conventional “Addiction” specialist, but many coaches these days are trained to help overcome addictions, and there are free resources everywhere – YouTube, google – become obsessed with making your life better, in every way.

Good luck.

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