Opportunities don’t just come out of the blue. In order for you to receive them, you must be ready to shift the universe in your favor. Having an open mind helps, but there are things you can do daily for the best results.

Stop complaining and start motivating – Shift the universe in your favor

When you complain about something never happening, not only are you bringing yourself down, you’re bringing others down with you. It’s very draining being around a person who complains, because they only talk about the problem, not a potential solution. Most people who complain will do nothing about it. What can you do about it? Start by motivating yourself. When you find yourself about to complain about the soup being too hot, replace it with something motivating like, “This soup looks really good – it’s really going to warm me up!” It may sound corny, but you would complain even more if it were cold. Before the complaint comes out of your mouth, stop, think and say something more inspiring and positive about the situation. You begin by making a conscious choice to change your internal thought and over time it becomes habit. Positive energy will only attract more positive energy.

Stop blaming and start being responsible – Shift the universe in your favor

Blaming is just as bad as complaining. If you’ve ever been around someone who blames everyone else, it’s not enlightening. They never take responsibility for what has happened or how things turn out. Blaming takes the burden off of you and shifts it to someone else. No one likes dealing with consequences, but it’s one of the ways we learn. Take responsibility for everything that happens, even if it’s not completely your fault. Sometimes, it’s just for the sake of moving on. People will know it’s not your fault, but they will be impressed by your ethics. Taking responsibility give you power. You realize your destiny is in your hands.

8 Ways To Shift the Universe In Your Favor Today

Stop judging and start being self-aware – Shift the universe in your favor

I’d be blown away if I knew anyone who wasn’t judgmental. It seems to come with the package when we’re born. The hard part is learning not to be judgmental. You can do this by being self-aware. Self-awareness is when you can take an unbiased look at yourself and see how you can improve and make yourself better. It’s easy to judge someone else, but it’s harder to do an honest assessment of yourself. We’re all a work in progress – we can always find ways to improve. Before you talk about someone else, take a look at yourself. You might learn something.

Stop procrastinating and start committing – Shift the universe in your favor

Procrastination is the enemy of progress. In order to break this habit, you must commit. Commit to doing one thing everyday that will move the needle and break the habit. If you want to be an artist, don’t procrastinate by talking about how you’re going to do it. Go to community college and enquire about classes. Buy some art supplies. Get started today! Procrastination happens because of fear, which will hold you back all of your life, if you let it. Whatever it is you want to do, stop putting it off and commit to it by taking action.

8 Ways To Shift the Universe In Your Favor Today

Stop doubting and start taking risks – Shift the universe in your favor

Doubting yourself is dangerous. It makes you accept a negative way of thinking about yourself. It also ruins your confidence. One way to stop having doubtful thoughts is to take risks. Start small, like trying something new at a restaurant, or taking a new route to work. You can do it, but you need just enough courage to take a chance. After a while, that doubting voice in your head will drown, as you take bigger risks. People think taking risks means doing something huge, like jumping from one tall building to another. That is a big risk, but there are smaller risks that can boost your morale, just the same. Once you get the hang of it, the voice in your head will start to say, “Yes, we can do this!”

Stop hindering yourself and start growing – Shift the universe in your favor

You need to get out of your own way. Stop doing things that don’t add to the bigger picture. Eating potato chips will not help you lose 25 pounds. Watching TV will not help you pass the test tomorrow. Do things that encourage growth in your life. This allows you to improve yourself, which will lead to more opportunities. If you want to be a speaker, sitting at home won’t help. Get up and go to the next seminar in your area. Find some courses online to help you get started. Google it! – just do something that will help push you towards your goal. Create a plan that will get you to where you want to be. Work on yourself and you will see growth in your life.

8 Ways To Shift the Universe In Your Favor Today

Stop stopping and start starting – Shift the universe in your favor

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Put in the work, do the activity, process the plan, move the needle – do something! Allowing challenges to stop you from time to time will not promote progress. Instead of stopping, think, recognise the behaviour and start again. A challenge is not a sign to stop, it’s a sign to change direction. The more you keep going, the more opportunity you will find.

Stop living in the past and start working towards the future – Shift the universe in your favor

Everyone has an awesome story about what happened long ago. It’s a beautiful memory, but that won’t help you move forward. Learning from the past can do wonders for your future. Living in the past will let life pass you by. There’s nothing in your past that can help you with your future. Lessons learned from the past will help you navigate your future better, but some people get stuck in the past. It’s like that old drunk man on the corner, telling everybody how he was the all star player back in high school and everyone knew his name. Apparently, he’s still living in his past, because it has done nothing for his drunken future. As they say, the past is the past for a reason. Be forward thinking. You don’t become successful in the past. So don’t look back, push forward and go after your dreams.

Go ahead and shift the universe in your favor. This advice will not only put you at an advantage when pursuing your goals, it will prepare you for more success to come! Opportunities will present themselves and you will know how to handle the next challenge that comes your way.


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