3 Brutal Truths About Becoming Successful You Must Hear – Lisa Nichols

In this powerful speech full of truth, Lisa Nichols explains 3 things about becoming successful that no one talks about, but you should know before “signing up” to this life.

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3 Brutal Truths About Becoming Successful You Must Hear – Lisa Nichols – Transcript

Hi, I’m Lisa Nichols and today I’m gonna share with you the 3 greatest things about becoming successful nobody talks about.

Number One: Success is going to cost you something.

People who want to be successful normally don’t think about what it’s going to cost them.

Success is going to cost you way beyond money, but the other things that you don’t know is how much time it’s going to cost you, the friendships that it may cost you…

Success comes with a price that’s normally bigger than what most people want to pay.

See, success is not something that’s gifted to you. Success is something that you have to go get. And in order to go get it you gotta be willing to put something in that you probably did not sign up to put in.

You gotta put in more time, you gotta give up much more sleep than you thought, you gotta put in more money, again and again…

No one talks about that it’s going to take me so much longer, so much longer that I thought.

Those 3 years I thought it was going to take… ok great, I want it to happen in 3 years, but am I willing to put in 9?
 Are you willing to put in 12?
Oh yes, you think it’s only going to cost you $50,000? Ok great. But are you willing to put in $350,000 if it costs you that?
Are you willing?

Number Two: It’s a lonely journey

The second thing about becoming successful that no one talks about is that becoming successful can be, and at some point will be a very lonely journey.

There’s a time when you’re becoming successful that you have to put everything into this moment, everything into this season, everything into this project, everything into this experience, and the people around you might not get it.

And at times they may not only physically and emotionally pull away they may pull away in every form or every fashion or you may pull yourself away from them so becoming successful can be a lonely journey.

No one talks about that when you’re holding on to a vision that no one else gets that you’re the only cheerleader for that vision, you’re the only parade for that vision, and that it doesn’t mean stop parading and stop cheerleading for the vision. It means continue parading, and continue cheerleading until other people can understand the sound of your voice, until one more person joins the parade.

You may be the only person parading for your parade for a long time. Still parade. Still cheerlead. Still march.

I for so long expected, required, needed my family to get the vision with me.
That wasn’t their job to get the vision. Because God didn’t give my vision to them, God gave my vision to me.

So if you’re expecting other people to get your vision… you call it whatever you choose, I’ll call him God… God didn’t give your vision to them, God gave a vision to you.

Be willing to walk alone. Be willing to have lonely moments, hours, weeks and months.

Be willing. Be the cheerleader of your own parade. Be the bandleader… and the marchers until someone else joins you.

Number Three: If you’re doing it for money… It’s not success.

The third part about becoming successful that no one discusses, that you don’t hear is that success, if you measure it just by business, just by money earned, just by likes or popularity on social media, then success will be very very hollow and very very shallow and very, extremely unfulfilling.

If you’re only measuring becoming successful by the balance in the bank account, and the number of likes, and the number of followers, and the number people giving you accolades, the amount of media exposure that you have, then success, all of the success you have will be hollow.

The things that define you as successful existed long before you were becoming successful: the relationship with your family, the health in your body, the ability to command your arm to raise and it raises, the ability to smell the roses and to enjoy laughter to laugh until your belly hurts, the ability to have faith and pray and see and believe in the unseen…

Most people trade in those things… for the monetary success, for the popularity success… they trade in the very things that makes their life feel successful.

They trade in relationships… I know I did for a while. I traded in relationships, so that I can have business success. I traded in nurturing the things that gave me life with my mother, with my father with my son with my family chasing success.

Only to realize once I became successful that I wanna go back and make sure those things are along the journey too.

Success without memories, success without relationships, success without those great moments that ground us is not really success. It’s just a slice of a pie. I think success is having the whole pie.

I want health.
I want relationships.
I want spirituality.
I want finance.
I want love.
I want all of them because that’s success.

But no one talks about how on your way to becoming successful you often forget and leave behind the things that are going to matter the most.

Make sure you measure success by the right barometer.

Success is a holistic experience. It’s not partial, it’s not compartmental, it’s an entire experience. Most of the things that will matter to you when you become successful are already sitting around you, waiting to be nurtured and brought along the journey.

So most people don’t wanna talk about that. Because they don’t wanna deter you from pursuing success. But I wanna tell you about it because if you really want success then you have to know about it and then sign up.

If this is too much for you, don’t sign up for it. But if you sign up for it, sign up for the complete experience. Sign up for everything. Sign up for the lonely moments. Sign up for the costly years. Sign up for the getting back up 1000 times. Sign up for no one getting your vision. Sign up for making sure that you bring your family along, even if it means that your 14 hour day now it needs to be an 18 hour day so you can watch a movie, so you can walk on the beach, so you can have dinner with them, so you don’t leave them behind.

Make sure you understand that if no one else gets your vision it’s because right now your vision is to be nurtured by you and you only.

No one wants to talk about that. But I would be remiss if i didn’t. Why?

Because I wish someone would have told me.

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  1. bobuion frederic

    wow it was so wunderful, i love it mam and i enjoyed it as we.l wish you could be my mentor,because one of my major problem is that am too shy to speak in the public and i want to get out of this mess.

    • MARIA Thompson

      Join a program called Toastmasters…Best thing I ever did to improve my speaking skills, presentations, interpersonal skills, and communication skills. I joined in 2011, shaking like a leaf. Most people think it is only about public speaking, well, to becam effective speaker, requires confidence and skills many do not possess. The program earns you success and the deadly fear that prevents you from shining. Speak up, and show up in your own success, join Toastmasters.


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