Do you have an introvert personality type? Or are you more of an extrovert or maybe even a combination of the two (known as an ambivert)?

There isn’t one type that is better than the others. In fact, each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.

People are extroverts have no problem striking up a conversation with anyone. They don’t mind leading groups, talking to strangers, and having an outgoing personality.

But introverts don’t excel in these types of situations as well. They tend to prefer to be alone, avoid large groups, and keep to themselves.

Here are the three biggest challenges of being an introvert and strategies to help you get outside your comfort zone.

How To Thrive As An Introvert

1. Keeping Friends And Loved Ones Close

If you have an introvert personality type I’ll bet the majority of your friends are also introverts. And that’s okay.

But sometimes, I’m sure you stumble into a conversation with an extrovert and feel outside your comfort zone. If you find yourself in this situation be open and honest with the person.

Let them know you’re more on the shy side sometimes so your new friend doesn’t think you’re ignoring them every time they invite you out with friends. Do your best to open and honest with people so you can maintain healthy friendships and relationships.

Do You Have an Introvert Personality Type? 3 Ways To Thrive In Life!

2. Being A Part Of Big Groups

To extroverts, large groups are an opportunity to shine. It’s their playground to mingle, network, and be rewarded for being outgoing. But this can be a nightmare situation if you’re an introvert.

If you’re in the introvert camp you might feel anxiety, uncomfortable, and see your energy levels drop rapidly. You might even avoid being in groups altogether.

But never being a large group setting can be difficult for your personal and professional advancement. Instead, you need to still interact with groups but try these two methods to make the situation more bearable.

Create a Deadline

Humans thrive on deadlines. Think back to the last time you took a vacation and had so much to do before you left. While it seems impossible you always seem to get it done.

The same goes for your next networking event or large group setting. Establish a deadline before you go to meet up.

If you usually see your energy drop after 90 minutes, plan to stay for 60-75 minutes. Make the most of your time!

Have an Agenda

Once you have a clear deadline on how long you can stay and engage with others, set a goal for what you are trying to accomplish. Is there someone specific you want to seek out? Is there someone who can help your business or career?

Actively seek them out first. Try and speak with the most important individual first when your energy is the highest.

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3. Difficulty Expressing Yourself

The last thing you might struggle with as an introvert is expressing yourself to loved ones. Sometimes you might need extra time to fully communicate how you are feeling. And that’s ok, just make sure to communicate this clearly earlier than later in the relationship.

Be super open about how you best express yourself. Maybe practice the conversation beforehand, have a note handy or find another method to come prepared.  

Next Steps

If you have an introvert personality type, understand that you can still excel in social situations if you plan ahead and make a conscious effort. If you’re trying to become more of an extrovert, start hanging out with people you want to act like and actively get out of your comfort zone.

Yes, this will feel uncomfortable at first. But if you truly want to change you have to stress yourself in a positive way. Know what you’re trying to achieve, make a plan, and become the best version of yourself.

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