Can Your Personality Affect Business Success? Introvert Vs Extrovert

If you are wondering how your personality may impact your success in business, you must first acknowledge what the strengths and weaknesses of your personality are. Although the office environment has historically rewarded people who are more extroverted. Today the modern workplace is transitioning to a more introverted pace. If you work in an office, you likely sit behind a computer screen all day and therefore have little time to shine as an extrovert.

Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses – Introvert Vs Extrovert

Just as it is not impossible to thrive in a leadership position as an introvert, it’s possible to thrive behind a computer as an extrovert. A great place to start is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your personality. Extroverts are typically very charismatic and positive which gives them an advantage when attending a networking event or giving a presentation.

Introvert Vs Extrovert – Which One Are You?

Introverts, on the other hand, are more introspective, reflective and creative which can give them an advantage in the brainstorming and problem-solving roles. Introverts are also self-motivated and typically have well-developed listening skills, which offers them an advantage in learning and iterating quickly. Whether you are more introverted or extroverted you will have to navigate your strengths and weaknesses to find success.

Introvert vs Extrovert

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