Do you want to learn how to read more but don’t know where to start? Let’s face it, reading is one of the common traits of successful people. But you’re probably not doing it nearly enough.

The average person in the United States reads one book per year and earns roughly $50,000. Yet the average CEO reads one book per week and earns roughly $13,000,000.


Study successful people as much as I have and it’s evident that reading is one of the most common habits of successful people. Whether it’s Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, President Obama, Mark Cuban or anyone else. And it’s been that way for centuries.

Every time you read, you get a deeper knowledge of the things that, one day, can be very useful in your field. Sometimes it might not even be relevant to your world today but can pay dividends in the future.

Reading, even if its only 15 minutes a day, will dramatically change your life. I’m confident with these four tips, you’ll be an avid reader in no time.

How to Read More: 4 Simple Strategies

Find a Quiet Place to Minimize Distractions

Humans are distracted like never before thanks to smartphones and endless notifications. Most people have become slaves to their devices instead of the other way around. And this explains why it’s so hard to stay focused when you sit down to read.

Next time you want to read more, it’s time to eliminate distraction and commit to your allotted time. During your reading time, turn off or put your phone in airplane mode. Turn off the TV, laptop notifications, and anything else distracting.

If you’re reading in your home try and do it early as part of a morning routine so you’re not distracted. Or, opt to do it in a quiet place by work when you need to take a break.

How To Read More 4 Proven Methods To Succeed Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

Read at the Same Time Every Day

Success in anything is replacing a bad habit for a good habit. Chances are, you’re probably watching too much TV as the average person watches 4-5 hours each day.

A good habit to read more is to make yourself read before you can turn on your TV. Even if it’s 15 or 30 minutes, this is a great way to start the process.

I recommend putting your book of choice by your remote. This will make it easy to pick the book before turning on your TV. And if you’re enjoying the book, chances are you won’t feel as inclined to watch TV.

Set a Reading Goal

In 2016 I told myself I was going to read one book per month. And I stuck with it. Then in 2017, I increased it to two books per month. And in 2018 I’m closer to one book per week.

How’d this happen? By setting a goal.

If you want to learn how to read more, I highly recommend that you set a goal. Whether it’s 15 minutes per day, a book per month or something else.

Find a goal that is challenging enough but still doable. To stay committed let someone else know or find a reading buddy or club to hold yourself accountable.

How To Read More 4 Proven Methods To Succeed Read more learn more be more. @FEARLESSMOTIVATIONOFFICIAL

Find The Right Books

One way I was able to start reading so many books in 2016 and 2017 is that I had so many available. Anytime someone told me to read a book I would add it to my Amazon wishlist. Then, each week I would order at least two books.

Before I knew it I had 50 extra books in the house. This made it easy to pick one up and never have to worry about what I was going to read next.

While you don’t have to be as drastic as I was, I think it’s crucial to have books ready. Whether you create a list on your phone or have future books around the house.  

Hopefully, these four tricks will help you learn how to read more. Remember, as Tony Robbins said, “Leaders are readers.” Educate yourself and take control of your life by becoming a voracious reader.

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