Wouldn’t it be great to be a mind reader?

If you take a glance at research conducted by UCLA, you will see that just 7% of communication is based on the actual words spoken.

The rest of the 38% is judged from the tone of the voice and 55% from body language.

Therefore understanding the unspoken 55% should be a prominent objective.

How can you do that?

Here are the cues you need to look for..

Psychological Tricks That Will Make You A Mind Reader

Mirroring Technique | Mind Reader

Tony Robbins often recites how the late great psychologist, Milton H. Erickson taught how to build rapport using the mirroring method.

If you notice someone around you doing exactly what you do, for example, when you cross your legs they do the same. You scratch your nose, they follow suit.

If you notice this, don’t get irritated!

Rather, understand this is a great sign. People imitate other’s body language unconsciously when they feel a strong bond with the person who is in front of them.

It actually indicates that the conversation is really going well and the other person is engaged in what you are saying.

But the most powerful part of this technique is that you can mirror someone else. People like people who are like themselves..  Mirroring someone can actually make them subconsciously more interested in you, even without speaking!

If there is someone you are trying to have a connection with, sit how they are sitting and imitate what they are doing with their arms and legs. You will notice that they are much more receptive to you!

Shaking Leg, Shaking Mind | Mind Reader

Over time, experts have noted that shaking legs show anxiety and vexation. Legs cover the largest area of our bodies. However, when the legs are moved, it often goes unnoticed.

So, people think that if they shake their legs, that it won’t be registered consciously and therefore not judged.

If you come across someone who is trembling their leg/s it’s a sure sign of anxiety and/or trepidation.

Crossed Legs and Hands Signify Disagreement | Mind Reader

If you notice someone you are speaking to is crossing their legs or arms during the conversation, it means that they are not in agreeance with what you’re saying.

Even if you feel that the conversation is going pleasantly, such a gesture means in their mind, they are not concurring with you.

Crossed arms is the more defiant of the two stances. Crossed arms is a display of intimidation. Someone crossing their arms during a conversation means they don’t agree with you and they feel threatened. See if you can sway them with your words to relax, this will help you know if someone is comfortable and willing to negotiate with you.

Another importance indicator is the direction in which the person’s body is facing. If they are sat opposite you with their legs pointed straight at you it means they are interested in what you are saying, or even in you! If their body is turned away from you, this is a sign that they aren’t interested and they are subconsciously ready to leave.

Shocking Psychological Tricks That Will Make You A Mind Reader TONY ROBBINS THE SMARTER YOU GET THE LESS YOU SPEAK. psychologist, Milton H. Erickson

Excessive Nodding, Yes Means No | Mind Reader

If you are asking someone to complete a task and you see that the person is nodding unnecessarily.

What does it mean?

In psychological language, it states that they are not sure about whether or not they will able to complete the work.

If someone doubts his or her ability to follow an instruction, they nod way too much.

Next time you are issuing difficult instructions, if the person is constantly nodding it is a sign they do not fully understand, but aren’t comfortable enough to ask.

So slow down & explain in a different way. If you tell them you know they don’t understand they will think you’re a mind reader.

Defensive Raised Eyebrows | Mind Reader

When someone is raising his/her eyebrows, it means that they are either surprised, worried or scared. Someone will not simply raise their eyebrow while having a casual conversation. So, if anyone who is talking to you raises his/her eyebrows, it means that they are not comfortable with the conversation.

Commonly they are feeling intimidated in some way, raised eyebrows are a sign that you are in control of the conversation.

Biting Nails, Racing Mind | Mind Reader

It’s well known that nail biting is a sign of racing thoughts or stress. So, if you see someone is doing that while you’re talking to them, try and change the topic to something completely different. A quick topic change can have a calming effect on a person with racing thoughts as it make their brains reset, try it out today, as you change the topic watch as they lower their hand.

Then you will know you are truly mind reader!

Other signs of stress can be a clenched jaw, a tightened neck or a furrowed brow.

Use these techniques to gain an edge at work, during negotiations, or even while trying to impress someone romantically. Soon you will be a master at reading people and people will wonder if you’re a mind reader.

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