Do you need something to fuel your fire and get you inspired daily?

Let’s face it, not even Tony Robbins wakes up motivated every single day. Tony will tell you himself .. maintaining a strong mindset is part of a continuous process towards self development.

The most successful people have triggers to help them get into peak state and own the day.

For some it’s meditation, others hit the gym or listen to some epic music. Personally, I love YouTube

It’s an amazing place to get an instant hit of motivation and get pumped up. A quick 3-5 minute video can light a fire under you to demolish your daily tasks. Or there are more extensive sources and interviews which can alter your perception on life and how you do things.

Here are seven of the best Youtube channels to help you crush it in business & life.

7 Youtube Channels for Instant Motivation and Inspiration

1. Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and founder of Impact Theory.

His company’s mission is, “To share information with people that will actually help them execute on their dreams.”

Tom’s channel has incredible videos that are no fluff and packed with tons of useful information. He interviews high achievers on his show Impact Theory like Ed Mylett, Gary Vee, Mel Robbins, and others. His channel also has shorter motivational videos (Impact Quotes), and Q&As with Tom himself. 

Tom’s 1:1 video content has things like starting a morning routine, growing a business, self-care, and endless other tips. This guy is so committed to his vision to share knowledge that his studio is actually inside his Beverly Hills mansion!

I’m confident in saying following his channel has changed my life and business!

2. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is the millennial monk turned entrepreneur who’s changing the world with his viral videos. After being a monk for several years, working in corporate America, Jay was discovered by Arianna Huffington & his videos started getting huge views.

Since being spotted by Arianna, he’s gone to produce tons of quality content that goes viral on a regular basis. In fact, his videos have been viewed over 3 billion times! His content is all about helping you lead a better life and achieve your dreams.

One of my favorite videos of his I recommend watching is “Before You Waste Time.” He talks about the importance of spending every moment of your time cherishing it and not wasting it.

His channel also has videos on self-care, success habits, and inspirational stories. He’s definitely a must follow!

3. is the Youtube channel of best-selling author and motivational speaker Brendon Burchard.

Brendon’s content will help you lead a better quality of life because he’s been through so much himself and this knowledge shines through his videos.

After nearly committing suicide as a teen he goes on to become the master of his life, building a successful business, and helping millions of others do the same. His channel is all about the step by step process for you to do the same.

His videos are focused on motivation, success habits, overcoming fear, and so much else. A lot of his videos are under 10 minutes long so it’s easy to throw on for a quick zap of motivation to start your day.

4. London Real

London Real is a Youtube channel hosted by Brian Rose. Brian has a wildly successful interview show and is himself an incredibly successful businessman, after graduating from MIT.   

In 2011, he founded London Real to introduce people to the most fascinating people in the world.

And he’s done just that, as his 350 episodes have been watched over 50,000,000 times! His guests have included people like Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tim Ferriss, Grant Cardone, and many more.

Besides the amazing 60-minute guest interviews, Brian also has videos about business, passion, and even workout advice. They’re both entertaining and educational which makes for a fun watch.

I love Brian’s channel as it has a little bit of everything and will help you in all areas of life.

5. Gary Vee

Everyone knows Gary Vee as the hustle king because he is constantly putting out epic content that turns heads.

And his Youtube channel is no different. He is regularly producing video content for entrepreneurs and people who need instant motivation and real life advice.

He gives in-depth strategies on producing content, growing your business, and maintaining a successful mindset. Gary Vaynerchuk also excels at short videos to snap you out of a slump and start executing on your dreams.  Passion isn’t lacking in any of Gary’s videos!

But of all the videos on his channel, one of my favorites is “Haters.” In this short clip, he talks about why people can’t let others get them down and quit on their dreams.

Anytime I’m in need of a spark to get the day going, Gary Vee is my go-to channel!

6. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is another channel I love following as it offers something for everyone.

He has interviewed incredibly successful entrepreneurs, doctors, and many different experts on his show, School of Greatness.

Some of them include Tony Robbins, Kobe Bryant, Jim Kwik, and so many more!

The channel is filled with tons of content on social media, life hacks, relationships, and building an online business. If you’re trying to improve your health, wealth or start an online business, Lewis Howes is a must follow.

7. Evan Carmichael

The last channel I highly suggest taking a look at is Evan Carmichael. Evan is a very popular entrepreneur and Youtuber who creates epic clips of “10 Rules of Success.” Whether it’s the 10 rules of Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Warren Buffett and more.

His Youtube channel gives you the exact steps that people have successfully used to get where they are today. While a majority of the channel is about success it also including some incredible life advice and inspiring stories.

I love watching Evan’s videos in the morning or when I want to watch something interesting that will also teach me something useful.

I’m confident these 7 Youtube Channels will give you a better quality of life in your business, family, and life.

Remember, what you watch, read or listen to in the morning has a dramatic impact on your day. Start the day right by turning off negative news and focus on building yourself up with these epic channels.

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