Life is the greatest teacher, and it teaches through obstacles. We learn the most from the challenges we face, and life will keep repeating the same problems until the lesson is learned. Overcoming the challenge is the only way to move forward in life.

Turning 30 happens to be a significant milestone for most folks. However, most of us turn 30 not feeling prepared to face the next stage in life. By learning these seven lessons, you will be equipped for your future.

7 Important Lessons You Must Learn Before 30

1. Money Is Not Everything

One of the lessons you must learn before 30 is that though money is essential, but it is not everything. In your 20’s, one is excited about the freedom money offers. You are not happy about the place you live? You can move to a quieter and greener neighborhood. Health problems? You can get medication without worrying about affordability. It offers you convenience as you can afford a comfortable lifestyle.

However, we are meant to be a river and not a reservoir. Let money be a means to an end and not the end. Focus on value; i.e., connected with people, friendships, contributing to your environment and society as a whole. After all, the best things in life are free.

7 Important Lessons You Must Learn Before 30 Add Value & The Money Will Come.

2. Take Care Of Your Body

Your body probably works pretty well when in your 20’s. However, the effects of your life choices will be evident as you grow older.

Moreover, your body is the vehicle to your success. It will take care of you when you take care of it. So exercise regularly, about 15 minutes to one hour daily, and ensure you live on a healthy diet. Exercise not to show off, but to celebrate what your body can do.

3. Failure Is Good

Another life lesson you must learn before 30, is that failure is necessary for your learning process. We were wired early on that failure is bad, but as you age, you will realize that not all failure is dreadful.

Failure happens to be freedom in disguise as the worst has happened; thus you can move forward. You also learn what doesn’t work, and by evaluating the lead up to the failure, you learn what you did wrong. Therefore, embrace failure. Fail fast, fail forward as it is the only path to success.

7 Important Lessons You Must Learn Before 30 Failure is the quickest path to success.

4. Listen To Your Inner Voice

How often have you had an eerie feeling about a person or a situation and ignored it only for your suspicions to be confirmed? One of the lessons you have to learn before 30 is to listen to this inner guide; to trust your gut instinct.

Yes, pay attention to what others tell you, to what you read, but ultimately listen to your guts. You have all the answers within you, and your soul/gut is your most trusted adviser.

5. Pace Yourself

When in your early 20’s, one feels like they have to do everything now. The need to get to the top, find love, experience everything, and plan our lives is too overwhelming.

However, we have limited potential, and we cannot do everything let alone do everything now. Therefore, focus on one thing at a time, be good at it, complete it, then move on to the next. Don’t rush things, but let life unfold as it should.

6. It Is All About Perspective

Everything in life seems so important; from the job you did not get, to the fight you are having, to the college that did not accept you. However, they are only important because you make them important. Perspective is one of the life lessons you should learn before 30.

How you view the world, determines how you react or don’t react. Change

“Life is about perspective and how you look at something. Ultimately, you have to zoom out.” – Whitney Wolfe Herd

7. You Can’t Please Everyone

It is human to want to be liked, respected, and to belong. However, it should not get to a point where you seek validation from other people. That comes from inside.

Understand that not everyone will agree with you, not everyone will like you, and not everyone will respect you. But remember, the respect that matters most is self-respect.

Don’t let mistakes overwhelm you but let them be lessons for a better future. Lessons in your 20’s should serve as a compass in your 30’s for a more fulfilling life.

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