Reborn – Official Lyrics – Fearless Motivation Ft. Alpha

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REBORN SONG: Fearless Motivation Ft. Alpha
Written by Jones 2.0 and performed for Fearless Motivation by Alpha | Music Composed by Patrick Rundblad

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LYRICS: Reborn – Official Lyrics – Fearless Motivation Ft. Alpha

It’s a new day
It’s a new beginning
Welcome to the new me
I’m not the same
They don’t get it
I’m no longer who I used to be

I’ve put in the work
I’ve put in the hours
I’ve gone from student to master
I’ve got super powers
Was a coward but now I’m empowered
Goal after goal devoured
From the underground to the top of the towers

I made the choice to step up
Day after day relentless no letting up
I sacrificed so much to start moving up
Trust me, my success ain’t luck

I had to be better
I had to be faster
I have to be smarter
I had to work harder than anybody else
I had to do this for myself
I had to transform
I’m reborn!

I Am Reborn
I Am Reborn
I Am Reborn

They don’t even recognize me anymore
But deep down I’m the same person
Change was inevitable but growth was a choice
I kept myself quiet to rise above the noise

All the sacrifices
All the late nights
I had to live a better life
Better choices, better action
Better decisions
A better living

I did whatever it takes
I had to get it
I’ve bled the blood
I’ve cried the tears
I’ve faced my fears
Stayed disciplined for years

So much to cope with
I kept going
Staying laser focused
Until I got my moment
Things can change for the better
I’m living proof

No matter the challenge
I WILL make it through
All my life I was told that I wouldn’t make it
Look at me now, I’m reborn…

I Am Reborn
I Am Reborn
I Am Reborn

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