Are you troubled by excess fat in the body? More so, are not you comfortable with the idea of joining the gym to lose weight? What next then?

Worry not, you needn’t visit the gym to lose weight. You also needn’t stick to a strict dietary plan to shed some pounds. You can lose weight naturally!

Yes, there are natural remedies and recipes that can help you lose that obdurate flesh and get the body back in shape.   Eating these natural stuff on a regular basis will make you fight weight problems with ease. These items are easily available around you.

Some of those foods or items that help in weight loss include:


Yes, drinking water everyday will help you lose weight. Make sure to drink plenty of water daily to get good results. You need to stay hydrated to prevent an excess storage of fat on the body. And don’t worry about water weight as the body has its own mechanisms to flush out the excess and keep in the essentials.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is extremely helpful in treating weight issues. Before start taking the juice, you need to drink as much water as possible at first. From the next day onwards, start taking lemon juice. You need to drink as much as ten to twelve glasses per day. But with the time, the frequency and quantity can be brought down to three.

How to lose weight naturally


You should include cabbage in the diet if you plan to lose weight in a natural way. This veggie stops formation of fat in the body and you manage your weight. You can also include cabbage salad in the diet as this leads to better results in quick time.

Apple Snacks

Eating an apple is not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps the weight at bay. As apples are a big source of   fibre, they help in curbing of the appetite. Besides, they are helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and they also stop excess water retention.


Make sure that your diet includes tomato to help you manage weight. Eating ripe potatoes is a natural and safe way to lose weight. You can replace your breakfast with tomatoes, preferably two or three ripe tomatoes a day would do good.


You should include papaya in the diet to shed excessive flesh of the body. Ripe papaya should be eaten to gain benefit. One can also go with papaya soup for the dinner to get weight loss in the expected time frame.


Jujube leaves are an extremely helpful natural recipe to lose weight fast. Let the leaves soak in water for a night, and drink the water in the morning. Repeat the process for few weeks and you will get good results.


Ginger will help you lose weight. Start chewing a sliver of fresh ginger for few days and feel the difference. More benefits reach the body when the chewing is done before meals. You can also grind a little ginger and mix it with lime juice and salt to get good results.

Lime juice-honey

The combo of lime juice-honey is used for long to cure weight problems. Take a little amount of both and mix it with water, and drink it. Do this regularly and go on losing the weight.


So, you can see that visiting gym and maintain a military-like dietary regimen are not the only ways to lose weight. You can rather take it easy and find some natural recipes to gain the desired results. You can eat from some natural stuff on a regular basis and say goodbye to all your health problems.

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