How to become a Fitness Model – 5 Steps

become a Fitness Model

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How to become a Fitness Model (5 Steps to the ultimate Bodybuilding Physique for Modeling)
As you start to train more frequently and craft a physique that would make the Greek gods jealous – you may become interested in doing some fitness modeling.

This article is going to dive into the fitness model blueprint. I’m going to break down a 5-part system that will land you major fitness modeling work within 6 months (assuming you look the part of course.)

Let’s first start off with what magazines, fitness brands and supplement companies look for in a fitness model. Be honest with yourself and make sure that you have realistic expectations in this industry.

Just like anything else involving vanity – this is a ruthless industry!
This is why before you read on make sure you fall into these 2 categories:

Unique or Recognizable Look:

become a Fitness Model

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There is no one “look” per say of a fitness model but you do have to stand out. Whether that means you are the all American looking guy with the large beach muscles (think Steve Cook), or the tatted up and edgy urban looking fitness model (think Lazar Angelov) – you have to stand out from just another guy in great shape. Do people do a double take at you or do you just blend in with the crowd.


become a Fitness Model

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Fitness modeling is not just about getting big muscles. It is much more complex than that. You have to have nearly flawless aesthetics to pull off being a fitness model. Most fitness models are in the height range of 5 ft 10- 6 ft 2.

Now as far as your body goes – you have to be very LEAN. I am talking less than 10 percent body fat lean. You must be able to see every muscle in your body and you need to have proportions developed. The most important aspect of a fitness model’s physique is to have a V Taper, which comes from having wide shoulders and lats with a small waist and ripped abs. This creates the illusion of perfect aesthetics.

If you have these 2 things going for you congratulations. You have what it takes from a physical standpoint to be a fitness model. Now let’s dive into how to actually make your fitness model dreams a reality.

How to become a Fitness Model – Step One: Diet Down

The most important aspect to your success as a fitness model is dieting down for your 1st set of fitness modeling pictures (more on this in the next step). Think about your diet approach for your fitness-modeling shoot as if you were getting ready to compete.

Your goal is to maximize your fat burning while maintaining all of your hard-earned lean muscle gains over the years of training. If you are currently sitting at around 10 percent body fat (meaning you have six pack abs but lack that super lean look with defined lower abs and oblique’s) you will have to diet down for 6-8 weeks for your photo shoot.

Judge your physique realistically and make sure that you do not take your fitness modeling pictures until you are super lean and chiseled.

How to become a Fitness Model – Step Two: Research

While you are dieting down it is vital that you research the top fitness photographers in your area. If you live in or near a big city like Miami, LA, Sydney, London or New York you will find a plethora of quality fitness photographers.

Ideally you want to spend a little more money to shoot with a photographer that works directly with several magazine editors. Many times you can page through a fitness magazine and get the names of great photographers that regularly shoot covers and features and then Google that photographers name and find their personal website and contact information.

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Another strategy to find the top fitness photographers is social media such as the fan pages of Famous fitness models and Instagram pages. Many times a fitness model will shout out the photographer from their photo shoot and then you can go on that photographer’s social media page to find their contact info.

Compile a list of the top fitness photographers and contact them all about 6 weeks before you want to shoot.

Send them a detailed message and be up front with the kind of photoshoot you are looking for. Every photographer is going to have a different price and schedule so you need to make sure you are contacting a lot to find the right one for your unique situation.

Once you find the perfect photographer in a great location put down that deposit and book an official date!

How to become a Fitness Model – Step Three: Shoot and Share

The big day has arrived and you show up to your fitness-modeling shoot ripped and chiseled. You take a killer set of pictures and now have a collection of fitness modeling pictures you want the world to see. Now what?

The 1st step is to have your photographer submit your fitness modeling pictures to his magazine and website connections. If you look the part you will typically be able to land some work from this alone. The best fitness photographers have the best connections to big magazines and paid work. This is why you pay more money to shoot with the best of the best in Miami, LA, NYC, Sydney, Melbourne and London.

The next step is to start sharing your fitness modeling pictures on all social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to build up a fitness following and get discovered. If you don’t have much of a current following use hashtags, facebook ads or pay to have people with bigger followings shout you out.

Another thing you should be doing with your fitness modeling pictures is compiling a portfolio and submitting to all of the top fitness modeling agencies in the United States. Even if an agency is in a different state it can still be worthwhile to have them sign you as many get work all over.

How to become a Fitness Model – Step Four: Rinse and Repeat

Fitness modeling is a competitive industry. It is vital that you continue to train and improve your physique with each photo shoot. If things don’t work out well with your 1st set of pictures train for another 8 weeks and shoot with a different photographer. The more photographers you shoot with and magazines you submit too the better your chances of success!

How to become a Fitness Model – Step Five: Compete

One of the best ways to become a fitness model and get found in the fitness modeling industry is to compete in shows like the NPC. The NPC physique division winners typically land good fitness modeling endorsements. Many supplement and magazine companies attend these events to find new talent.

Going to all of the big fitness expos and competing is one of the best things you can do to network and get found in the fitness industry & ultimately become a fitness model.



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