Female fitness motivation – Top 10 female bodybuilding videos

Female Fitness Motivation

If, like me, you also believe that there is no finer accessory than a super-fit smoking hot athletic body with ripped abs, toned arms and butts to die for, then you have most likely foraged youtube trying to find the perfect female bodybuilding videos. And most likely, just like me, you have felt overwhelmed by the plenitude of such videos. So here I have done some homework for you to create a comprehensive list of top 10 female fitness motivation videos on youtube that would really leave you wanting to hit it harder in the gym every day:

There Is No Pain – Fearless Motivaiton (Official Music Video)

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Female Fitness Motivation – Go Get It! by ShaQxBB

Featuring big names in the fitness industry like Michelle Lewin, Paige Hathaway, Karen McDougal along with some other super hot women.

Female Fitness Motivation – Success is a Journey by ShaQxBB

With over 6 million views, this is certainly one of the best female fitness motivation videos out there. Any girl who likes to lift can relate to the narration.

Fitness Motivation 2014 – Create Your Destiny by ProFitnessModels

With its girly girl appeal while featuring some seriously strong and dedicated women, this one’s surely for the girl who believes she is the architect of her own destiny.

Strong really is the new sexy!

Female Fitness Motivation Michelle Lewin + Karina Akmens by Real Health Pro

If you are a fan of Michelle Lewin and Karina Akmens, then this one’s for you.

Fitness Motivation 2013 – I am a Girl And I Lift by ProFitnessModels

You might or might not want to get as muscular as some of the women in this video, you would still want their dedication and perseverance.

Female Fitness Motivation – “Nothing Stopping You Now” 2015

Watch just how the pros do it on-stage!

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