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Most people at the end of their lives would love to look back and admire at least one great thing they have accomplished. Unfortunately very few can. The vast majority of us live our lives afraid to move, try anything new, or take a risk. Dreams are laid by the waste side and potential never reached as we sit in a state of paralysis afraid to fail, be laughed at, or ridiculed for following our passions.

Hardly any have the inner belief, drive, or balls to go after what they want or to speak their minds about what they believe. Most are just willing to passively go through life never asserting their will and allowing others to dictate who they are.

Henry Rollins is not that type of guy. Rollins is a man who has never allowed others to box him in or to dictate his limitations. Whether it is music, spoken word, writing, acting, or comedy Rollins has been willing to attack and conquer all. He goes after each with a raw tenacity and honesty that can only be admired.

The interesting and surprising part of Henry’s inner strength is that he did not always possess such confidence in himself to be a leader and go after his dreams. As a young boy Henry was bullied, harassed, and abused. His life was heading done a path of pain and depression. But fortunately fate intervened in Henry’s life when he came across his school advisor, Mr. Pepperman.

Twenty one years ago Henry Rollins wrote the candid and stirring essay; Iron and the Soul. In it he recounts how the influence of one man and the introduction to weight training changed his life forever.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to ask Henry about what has changed with his weight training and workout regimen since the writing of Iron and the Soul. We discussed how he designs his workouts, what advice would he give a young Henry Rollins, and what would he say to a young man or women who was about to start weight lifting. Enjoy.

Exclusive Mini-Interview with Henry Rollins:

Henry Rollins – Born February 13, 1961 (54 years of age)

Q .How has your training changed since turning fifty?

A. Less weight, more treadmill and calisthenics

Q. Have you been able to challenge yourself while still avoiding injury?

A. I don’t really challenge myself. I get in there and do the work. I can’t afford injury. It’s never worth it.

Q. How is your workout program designed? Example, is it upper/lower, full body, or push/pull, ect?

A. At this point, it’s push/pull. That’s a good way to break things up and keep from over working parts of your body.

Q.  Do you set goals for yourself in the gym?

A. No, it’s just part of my day.

Q. In your essay Iron and the Soul you spoke of your advisor Mr. Pepperman introducing you to lifting. Do you ever think about where you would be if he had never taken an interest in you?

A. I do not. My life has been quite eventful and there is a lot of that “where would you be if” stuff that comes up. It was definitely a lucky break to have met him, that’s for sure. Beyond that, speculation on the past in this aspect is not interesting as it has nothing to teach me.

Q. If you could give go back and give any advice to a young Henry whether it would be about life, lifting, music, or anything. What would it be?

A. Most human relationships are not worth the time you put into them. Do not waste time with normal people. They are a plague and will only slow you down.

Q. What advice would you give a young man or women who were thinking about starting to weight train?

A. Think of your body as a car you can never trade in. Rarely is anything worth injury, especially to your joints. Humans are not weight bearing creatures. You were built to climb, walk, ect. Not for impact or for carrying around a lot of weight.

Henry Rollins Quotes

1. Do not waste time with normal people, they are a plague and will only slow you down – Henry Rollins
2. You need a bit of insanity to do great things – Henry Rollins
3. Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp. – Henry Rollins
4. If feel more lonely in a crowded room full of boring people than i feel on my own – Henry Rollins
5. Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. – Henry Rollins
6. I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To be NOT like your parents. To be NOT like your friends. To be yourself, to cut yourself out of stone. – Henry Rollins

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