Reading self development books helps us open our minds and take in a wealth of knowledge. It can help us realize how different we all are and how to create a better position in our lives.
It is important to know virtually all successful people read self development books. As Zig Ziglar Famously stated:

Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs. Click to Tweet

With the application of the principles found in self development books and success teachings, we are able to improve relationships, work towards accepting others and strive for self-acceptance and satisfaction (not necessarily perfection).

There are endless amounts of powerful success and self development books, here are 7 must reads if you are serious about success:

The Greatest Salesman in the World – By Og Mandino 
This book offers wisdom and advice derived from ten ancient scrolls. You will learn how to change your life for the better through methods that have worked for thousands of years.

The Secret – By Rhonda Byrne
“The Secret” is a method that you can apply in every aspect of your life (money, health, career, happiness). The book offers intelligence from modern-day teachers that help explore compelling stories such as eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, or overcoming obstacles.

Seven Years In Tibet (Cornerstone Editions) – By Heinrich Harrer 
This memoir about a man’s life in Tibet, just before the Chinese Communist takeover, is a vivid account. Learn from Heinrich Harrer’s adventures as one of the first Europeans ever to enter Tibet and his personal encounter with the Dalai Lama.

The Emotional Life of Your Brain: How Its Unique Patterns Affect the Way You Think, Feel, and Live & How You Can Change Them – By Richard J. Davidson
Groundbreaking neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson has discovered that we all have an emotional “style”. Learn more about what he calls an “emotional fingerprint” and explore case experiments that offer new models for treating various conditions like depression.

Your Leadership EDGE: Mastering Management Skills For Today’s Workforce – By Ravinder Tulsiani 
This interactive book provides an engaging series of practices and activities that make business and management skills relevant to your own position in life. The book is a leadership-training program that helps you to improve overall performance.

How to be Successful in Present Day World (Winner Series Book 1)  – By Dr. Pradeep Chaswai
This motivational book is an in-depth look at the research to enlightenment, and how this can help everyone to achieve success today. The book contains unique ideas from Dr. Chaswai, and references from both modern day and ancient intellectuals.

Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder – By Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Arnold’s fitness and training secrets are published in this book through a step-by-step program and dietary hints for better health. It includes illustrated photos of Arnold himself and a useful four-day regimen of specific exercises.

In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss, “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”. Although it’s a simple thought from a children’s book, the lesson is ageless. Self Development reading is self-education, no matter what you personally take away from the experience.

If you think self development books aren’t  for you, why not just give it a try? It can only help, there’s no harm. Perhaps while reading you will find a philosophy you relate to. You may even find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Better your health and happiness and start with one of the listed books above. There’s always something new to learn and a new perspective to be considered. No matter your status, career or position in life, jump-start your own success and start reading today.

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