5 Things You Must Give Up To Become Great in Life

If you want to fly, you can’t hold onto the extra weight pulling you down. In the end, great habits will lead to a great destiny.

Whether it is burying yourself in social media, dwelling in self-doubt, or whining all day, anything that drains your mind needs to go out the window. It is essential to become great in life.

Here’s what you need to give up:

1. Playing it Safe

You must be willing to leave the herd. Taking risks doesn’t mean being reckless. It means making bold but informed decisions.

For example, blogging has become highly risky these days. A blogger can choose to blog full-time for a living if he thinks he’s good enough. He cannot make this decision without studying the competition and evaluating his skills. 

There are two practical tools to take risks: knowledge and action. Knowledge on its own doesn’t work. But when you use it to take action, you get instant feedback and discover better ways to move forward. That’s how you take risks and become great in life.

become great in life

2. Ignoring Your Health

Humans were not supposed to stare at electronic devices all day long. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors ran every day to hunt for a meal.

Similarly, you need to move your body to keep healthy. Eat healthy, sleep more and exercise often.

Here is why you should exercise:

  1. Feel confident
  2. Improved concentration at work
  3. More Energy
  4. Sleep better
  5. Less Stress

If you don’t want illness, make time for fitness. You’d be surprised to know that Oprah does 45-minute cardio workouts six days a week and 30-40 minutes of strength training four days a week. Former U.S. President Barack Obama works out six days a week.

Did you know? A 20-minute nap can give you as much energy as two cups of coffee.

3. Lacking a Long-Term Vision

We often seek short-term gains and never think what may happen five years down the line. This kills our chance to become great in life.

Many college students work at McDonald’s or Burger King, just to afford the latest iPhone. But if they invest the same time to learn and build marketable skills, they can get high-paying jobs or even start their own companies.

First, you need to know about your long-term goals. Because you can use these goals later to make important life decisions.

You’ll need to ask, “How does it go along with my long-term goals?”

For example, if you want to send your children to college after ten years, then you have to save money five to ten years in advance. Ignoring it will bring havoc to your life.

become great in life

4. Seeking Approval From Others

If you want to become great in life, stop looking for validation. If you want to do something, just go for it. Period.

Research has proven that intrinsic goals motivate people better than extrinsic goals. If all you want to do is please others, you have already failed. Because people will always criticize you no matter how good you are.

Others stop us from doing great things because of their own limits. Elon Musk’s friend showed him plenty of videos to prove that starting a rocket company is a bad idea. But had he listened to him, SpaceX would not exist today.

5. Living With Negativity

If you want to become great in life, control your emotions instead of letting them control you. When you are submerged in negativity, your mind cannot think straight and stops you from reaching your goals.

Forgive everyone who has hurt you in the past. Get rid of anyone who is negative, complacent, or hopeless. Stop socializing with people who put you down. Their negativity will seep into your life and stop you from being successful yourself.

So what has been stopping you from succeeding? Let us know in the comments.

become great in life

16 Responses

  1. Moses

    I am suffering from a terminal illness,,nd it keeps ringing in my head with every second that passes.I can’t seem to concentrate with whatever good I’m supposed to in order to achieve greatness.Kindly advice me on what to do.

  2. John Olah

    Negatively is one of the greatest dream killers. Many people believe they can’t achieve dreams because they are not good enough. They forget that top achievers are humans like them who also struggled to make it. We can easily defeat negativity with positive thinking. Thank you team fearless for this POWERFUL post.

  3. keshav yadav

    F- Follow
    O – One
    C – Course
    U- Until
    S- Success
    This is very useful and I’m going to apply it right now. Thank you.

  4. Temidayo

    What do I do? the government of my state recently make a regulation that affect the work am doing and that’s where am getting the little income to sponsor my education…, right now am perplexed.. Thinking of what to do..please what should I do now?

  5. Godsent Israel

    That’s Powerful.
    This Is My Contribution : For you to be great or successful you must collaborate with these:
    One More Thing: You family’s financial or Economic status should not dictate how great you’ll be. Just go beyond LIMITATIONS.

  6. Kerry

    I have passed through ba lot in life , I suffer from cancer but still have not given up on my dreams I lost my voice to sing but still I have faith that it is all a phase, people don’t cry because they are weak but because they have been Strong for a long time, although I may be down now but I am still focused on what I want to be

  7. Andrew

    I gone through alot in life..and then am in confussion as at now i just lost in my own thought..i gain admission into a 2 unusual school but many people promise me but they gat nothing to offer nobody at my help even my family disown me.even and that i drop unfortunately..even i gat passion 4 education.if you can tell me what to do.08160537626.andrew by my name

  8. Mark

    I want to further my education but I don’t have credit on Maths and English. I only had pass on both subjects. what do I do?

  9. Avneesh Meena

    I am 30 year old now and unmarried also…i left my job because i don’t like it…but now i don’t know what I want….

  10. Blessing

    In my life I hate to be called a failure when ever I write examination and I don’t pass I see my self as a failure which makes me loss hope what should I do

  11. Esther

    Don’t give up , keep on trying your best strive to reach beyond your reading limitations .Read to know more and not just to pass and see failure as a ladder to sucess and not a breakdown spot. Cos, when you are break down it might be difficult to rise again.


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