How to get in the Zone? Try These 5 Methods!

How To Get In The Zone – Try These Fail-Proof 5 Methods!

How To Get In The Zone. What does that even mean? You hear it all the time, people saying I was in the zone, or get in the zone. How do you get in the zone? What does that consist of?

Well it definitely isn’t an exact science, but everyone has felt that moment of complete focus at least once in their life, also known as “the zone”. There is no sure fire way to get this focused feeling because it varies for every person and there are endless activities that people can get in the zone for. Anything from preparing for a big game, your next gym session, or any event in which you are seeking success. Any task or activity that can makes you use immense focus has a zone. What are some methods people use to attain this in the zone experience?

how to get in the zone

1. Deep Breath

Sometimes the perfect way to slow down and get in the zone is to calm down. If you are over excited and anxious it could hinder focus and make it harder to get into your task or activity. Stepping back and taking a few deep breaths can be the little extra push to get you into the zone. Taking quick short breaths is related closely with anxiety and stress, so pausing and taking in long drawn out breaths can have a calming effect and result in higher attention and focus for any task.

2. Music

There are many psychological effects that music has on people.  Because music is so versatile there are countless ways it can help get you in the zone. A lot of people use music as a pump up before a game or competition. This can get you jazzed and excited for your event and can get you in the zone before you even start. Music also helps to block out surrounding sound and lets you focus on yourself and what you need to do. Music can also act as a calming force. If you are a surgeon and have a big surgery to perform, listening to calm music can help ease your mind and get in the zone. The force that music has on your mind can definitely get you in the zone and perform at your best no matter what situation you are in.

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3. Get Competitive

Some people find it easier to get in the zone if they are in direct competition with another person or team. The drive and pride that comes with winning is reason and motivation enough to get in the zone. There is such a thing as being too competitive but a drive and passion to win is admirable. Sometimes you need that extra competitive push to get in the zone and there is nothing wrong with that!

how to get in the zone

4. Pep Talks

There is something about a good pep talk that raises the spirit and gets the adrenaline pumping. Whether you are pumping yourself up or getting a talk from a coach or a friend it can definitely put you in the mindset to succeed and get in the zone. This works well when you are at the gym or even preparing for a game. Pep talks instill enthusiasm and encouragement so it could just be the motivation you need to push you into the zone.

how to get in the zone

5. Envision Success

Have you ever heard the phrase if you believe it you can achieve it? Well that’s not all wrong. Although it won’t necessarily guarantee success, thinking about winning or completing a task can put you in the right mindset to get focused and in the zone. You need to have something to strive for. Whether it is a goal, task, or just something to accomplish there needs to be an end result. By thinking positive you will put yourself in a mindset to have positive results.

how to get in the zone


No one is alike in the way they focus, get pumped up or get in the zone. Whether you need pump up music, motivation from a pep talk, or just take a few deep breaths there is no wrong way to get in the zone. Mainly there is only you and how you react to different situations. Figuring out what works for you is the best way to ensure success for whatever your task may be.

What are other ways you get in the zone?

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