The Best Goal Setting Quotes – How Goal Setting Helps Motivate & Overcome Fears

goal setting quotesHow Goal Setting Helps Motivate & Overcome Fears – The Best Goal Setting Quotes

You have all of these ideas in your head but you can’t seem to organize those chaotic, creative thoughts. Alternatively, you have some concerns that are standing in the way of bringing your dreams to reality. If you feel the urge to write those down and organize your thoughts, you’re on the right track.

Getting in the habit of writing notes can actually change your life. Here are some of the most powerful benefits of this simple activity.

Written Goals Become Tangible

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs and creative individuals confirm that they have written goals. Putting an idea in writing makes it tangible (literally), which can get you motivated to do the necessary work.

When writing things down, you get clarity and you can focus your thoughts. As a result, you will define a goal in an achievable way and you may also get some idea about how to bring that goal to reality.

Written goals are also wonderful for the people that need reminders, something to keep them going. This is why the vision boards work and why they’re a powerful exercise.

Mental Clarity 

According to the National Science Foundation, we have anywhere between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. It’s easy to see how these humongous numbers can lead to anxiety and mental confusion. You don’t need to write an essay about each day, but writing interesting thoughts down will help you get your mental clarity back.

When trying to solve a problem, chances are that you have conflicting thoughts. You have various ideas about the best solution and quite often, these solutions are diametrically opposite.

Write down facts, your thoughts about them and the suggestions you have for overcoming the problem. This basic activity helps you calm your mind down and assess the viability of each thesis.

Writing Makes You Happier and More Confident

Writing things down can be a powerful tool for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression.

Blogging, writing down your goals and even creative writing give you an outlet and improve your mood.

One interesting study suggests that expressive writing has helped individuals cope with job loss. The experiment involved 63 recently unemployed individuals. They were divided in two groups – the first was asked to write about their emotions and the second group wrote about non-traumatic topics.

In the end of the experiment, researchers found out that the individuals writing about their emotions felt more confident and were re-employed faster than the ones that didn’t.

Thinking Big

By writing things down and emptying “mental space,” you will get an opportunity to think big, tackle abstract concepts and focus on self-development.

Through writing about everyday tasks and thoughts, you’re also less likely to succumb to self-limiting beliefs. All of us have that negative voice in the back of our head. Even if self-doubt becomes overpowering, these emotions will be addressed effectively through writing.

Feeling Accomplished

It’s a great idea to take notes of what you’ve accomplished so far. Taking some time to think about everything you have achieved and everything that you’re thankful for will make you feel accomplished.

We often forget about the good things and we focus solely on the negatives. By consciously thinking and keeping a journal, you’ll gain confidence and you’ll gather the strength to continue pursuing your dreams. You’ve accomplished so much, why not keep chasing your dreams?

Writing things down improves your thinking, sharpens your communication skills and changes your self-perception. It’s simple and it requires just a couple of minutes per day. Once you get in the habit of letting it all out on the white page, you’ll understand the power of this amazing emotional and thought outlet.

The Best Goal Setting Quotes

Goal Setting Quotes

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

-Tony Robbins / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”

Jim Rohn / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Michelangelo / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Zig Ziglar / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.”

JC Penny / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.”

Scott Reed / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Pablo Picasso / The Best Goal Setting Quotes

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