Your Tears are Your Power: Transfer your Tears Into the Greatest Power

Catch that moment when you feel completely defeated, because this is the moment that will change your life for ever. When you are defeated, when you are crying, well, this time is the best motivator ever!
When your tears roll, when you feel that pain, KNOW that struggle makes you stronger. Commit in that moment to never feel that pain again.

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You may feel such an anger, you will start screaming, throwing things around, banging on the wall and starting to repeat: stop, stop, stop… WHY ME??- GOD, PLEASE I HAVE ENOUGH…
..and this is your time, because you now feel such a power and desire to change your life once and for all.
Pain will push you forward. Your mind will be flooded with thoughts like this:

I HAVE TO change something!
I WILL SHOW to everyone that I can change my life!
From now on everything will be different!
I WILL PROVE to everyone that I CAN!

Use this moment, this is your moment! Step in front of the mirror, look at yourself and declare that no one or no thing will stop you. Write down your commitment. Conclude a contract with yourself and with your life. Commit to it. Sign it and confirm it with the stamp of your tears.

Then read it every day.

“From now on, never will I violate my contract, I will no longer just watch my tears but I will feel the power of my tears and the strength i gain from my tears”

My contract dictates:

Never, ever again! I will not doubt to myself – why should I, limitations only exist in the mind. There is no such thing as limitations.
Never, ever again! I will not listen the doubters – why should I, if they don’t believe even in themselves.
Never, ever again! I will not be without money – why should I – there is limited abundance in this world.
Never, ever again will I give up – why should I, if there is always a solution
Never, ever again! I will not conform to others expectations – why should I work for someone else’s dreams, if I can take action and make my own dreams a reality
Never, ever again! I will not afraid to say NO – why should I spend my time for no gain, if my time is worth millions.
Never, ever again! I will not allow that fear to overcome me – why should I, if the fear doesn’t even exist, but I EXIST!
Never, ever again! I will not regret anything – why should I torture myself before death with questions why, why, why….I DIDN’T, if I can do everything NOW!
Never, ever again! I will not stop before an obstacle, which appeared just before my goal – why should I, if I know that this is the last challeng for me before my dreams come true!
Never, ever again! I will not look back – why should I, if I have a clear vision for the future!

2 Responses

  1. Lucy D'souza

    What to do when my failures give pain to my parents, to my loved ones?
    How will I handle that situation? It breaks my heart when I see my mother crying because I couldn’t achieve that goal which I promised to her, to myself. She is more worried about me than I am, about myself.

  2. Sruti

    U know what this pain sadness they are just part of your life cry once but after that promise yourself that u will never cry until you reach your goal let that tears of satisfaction comes out at that time but for now cry one last time of sadness … Because after reaching your goal u have to let come tears of happiness comes out..


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