Og Mandino Quotes To Inspire You To Greatness

Augustine A. Mandino, popularly known as Og Mandino, is a legend in the world of sales! After all, he gave the world its very first Bible of salesmanship filled with timeless wisdom and essential practices that never grow old. Through his writing and speeches, he touched the hearts of millions around the world. With his own example, he brought hope to many and transformed the lives of thousands.

og mandino quotes
Anyone who has heard Og Mandino’s speeches knows how deeply moving and powerful his words are. Everything he teaches stems from a place of deep conviction and wisdom acquired through his own extraordinary ordeals. The man who taught millions how to succeed had accepted his own self as a huge failure with a drinking problem by the age of 35. One bitterly cold day when he was roaming the streets of Cleveland, Ohio as a homeless man with nowhere to go, he spotted a small handgun at a pawnshop. The weapon of his liberation was worth $29 and, coincidentally, $30 was all the money in the world he possessed – just enough to buy him his “freedom.” He almost bought it, but then a sudden change of heart directed his footsteps to the local library where he chanced upon a copy of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. And, thus, began Og Mandino’s journey towards becoming one of the world’s most sought-after motivational speakers and bestselling author!

Time and again, Og Mandino emphasized that there is really no big “secret” for success. The rules of success, like the law of gravity, continue to remain the same through the ages. With determination, hard work and persistence anyone can attain the zenith of success. In addition, he always stressed on the importance of reading good books and seeking the company of successful men and women we have something to learn from as a sure-fire recipe for becoming a rolling success!

Here are some Og Mandino Quotes to inspire YOU to greatness:

  1. “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino Quotes
    og mandino quotes

  2. “Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  3. “Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  4. “To do anything truly worth doing, I must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in with gusto and scramble through as well as I can.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  5. “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  6. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” –Og Mandino Quotes

  7. “Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  8. “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” – Og Mandino Quotes

  9. “Treasure the love you receive above all. It will survive long after your good health has vanished.” -Og Mandino Quotes

  10. “Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino Quotes

    og mandino quotes

  11. “Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward the life that God intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.” – Og Mandino

  12. “Sound character provides the power with which a person may ride the emergencies of life instead of being overwhelmed by them. Failure is… the highway to success.” – Og Mandino

  13. “I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.” — Og Mandino

  14. “I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who I call can defend against its force… My love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day.” — Og Mandino

  15. “Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind, or permit others to set up for you.” – Og Mandino

  16. “To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find time to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you’re dead.” – Og Mandino

  17. “Work as though you would live forever, and live as though you would die today. Go another mile!” – Og Mandino

  18. “Do all things with love.” – Og Mandino

  19. “Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.” – Og Mandino

  20. “Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.” – Og Mandino

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