The Key To Success – Motivational Speech

the key to success
The Key To Success (Motivational Speech) – What is the secret to success?

Everyone seems to be looking for a secret, key ingredient, the one key to success. A quick fix.
The truth is, there isn’t one key, there are many. The truth is all successful people are masters of many traits, including hard work, sacrifice, determination and sticking it out in tough times.
What do YOU consider the MAIN key to success?

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Speaker: Chris Ross

Lyrics – The Key To Success Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

Everyone is looking for the magic pill to success,
The one key ingredient,
The one single key to success…
There isn’t one key.
There are many.
You have the keys, and you have the locks, you just have to do the work.

The key is HARD WORK.
The key is found in my GRIND, in my HUSTLE.
The key is found in believing in myself.
The key in believing in myself, when NO ONE ELSE DOES!

The key is in my OBSESSION with reaching success. My OBSESSION with reaching my targets.
The key is outworking my rival!

The key is sacrificing my TODAY for a better TOMORROW.

The key is in getting out of my COMFORT ZONE and pushing myself past perceived limitations.


The key is sticking it out when times are tough.
The key is being tougher than my life is.
The key is using my PAIN as FUEL to drive me to success!

The key is in my GOALS. Goals so big, they scare small minds

The Key is in my VISION
The vision that keeps getting bigger every time i conquer my last goal!

The key is in taking responsibility for my life!

 No matter what tests life throws my way!

The key is in doing WHATEVER IT TAKES
The key, is within ME

key to success

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