5 Fitness Lessons I Learned After Years of Training

I have not only been training for years but also observing and researching non-stop to ensure the finest results my body can produce. The fitness lessons I have learned after years of training made me a better athlete and a better man. I am proud of my accomplishments in the gym as much as I am proud of every mistake I made during these years.

Remember that a mistake is not a setback but a lesson waiting to be learned.

As a result of observing my friends and colleagues, as well as myself, i have identified key patterns in gaining successful results. This model has given me insight on the most important lessons you can learn from training. Use these simple guidelines as teachings on how to be on the top of your game both in the weight room and in your everyday life.

5 Fitness Lessons That I have Learned After Years Of Training

1. You Must Stay Motivated!

When we talk about training and workouts, it all comes down to continuity. One training session, no matter how powerful, is not going to make a difference. What makes the difference are the months and years of hard work and dedication.


Fitness Lessons - Stay MotivatedHaving continuity is not an easy task.

After a while, your everyday life starts to take its toll on your will to train. If I’m having problems at work or if I’m just feeling a bit tired, the first thing I tend to skip is my training. The problem is that I start to think of my exercising as another chore that needs to be done.

Don’t fall into that trap, think of the all the reasons that got you into working out in the first place. Use the power of having an exercising schedule and keeping a fit body as support for overcoming any difficult obstacle you might encounter.
Now, i’m sure we don’t need to tell you where to get your fitness motivation from!

2. Get to understand your body, your limits and possibilities

When I started training, I was a scrawny kid with a back problem looking to get strength and muscles. I felt obliged to read through thousands of articles, internet forum debates, and training programs. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve all helped a lot, but there was no book about my individual body.

Fitness Lessons - Get to know your body

Recognize your body type, take the time to feel what suits you the most and never forget to consult with a professional about any medical limits you might have to impose on yourself.

Only when you have discovered and accepted yourself can you start in developing your chosen physique. Don’t abide by your training program; let the program come as a natural choice for you.

3. Rest is equally important as working out

I am very well aware that this information is something you would find in any good training regime, but I just can’t emphasize it enough. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur beginner or a full-time power lifter, resting is what makes you stronger and bigger.

Fitness Lessons - Rest is important

Personally, what I’ve learned from a well-timed rest is that it gives a boost, both physically and mentally. I had a problem of draining myself in attempts to use the maximum of my motivation and apparent physical possibilities. What I got as a result were sore muscles and depleted levels of willpower.

The same way you wrote your training program, you should write a resting regime. Resting will not only give your body a well-deserved break but also you will let yourself feel that crave for exercising which makes you push forward.

4. Be an athlete even outside of the gym

An hour or more in the gym a couple of days a week is enough to keep yourself exercised and healthy, but don’t stop there. I have realized that that I had been making the mistake of keeping my exercising within the four walls of the gym.

Fitness Lessons - Athlete

First of all, be cognizant of your posture. Whether you are walking down the street or sitting on your sofa, think about the position of your body.

Use your free time to stretch around the house or simply take the extra effort to be mindful about the angles of your legs and spine while lifting something. Take care of your body, but don’t be afraid to run sometimes just for the fun of it or to shoot a few hoops on the neighborhood court.

5. Set the highest goals and go get them

Progress, dedication, success – it’s all inside your mind. Think big and you will accomplish big.

No gains are made unless you challenge yourself. I like to imagine my training so far like climbing a really tall mountain. I have reached a high altitude, but the peak is still a long way up a slippery slope. Among all of the fitness lessons I’ve learned, this one keeps me going forward.Fitness Lessons - go for high goals


The point in training is that you might never get to the top, but the climb itself will be a reward in its own right. The greater the task in front of you, the more will you have to upgrade yourself to meet the demands.

You have it in you to make another push or to run that extra mile so don’t waste any time and go get it.

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  1. Marcello Antonio Dreier

    I must work on #3 the most. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • Dejan

      #3 is the most common trap we all fall into, Marcello. You’ll be surprised. Make sure to hit us back here with updates when you implement this tip into your routine!


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