3 Of The Best Self Confidence Tips From Louise L Hay.

3 Of The Best Self Confidence Tips From Louise L Hay.

Louise L. Hay is a bestselling author, speaker and inspirational teacher. Her healing techniques, self confidence tips and affirmations have inspired millions and she has sold over 50 million copies of her books worldwide.


The foundation of her teachings is to help us recognise when we are carrying self-hatred and shame towards ourselves, and therefore not practising self-love. We do this in many different ways, but mostly it comes in the form of the ‘self talk’ that we run inside our heads.


We are all running an inner monologue in our heads throughout our day; when we drive, when we make ourselves food, when we are socializing etc. Recognising what that monologue is saying is paramount in the journey to creating self-love and self-confidence.


Are your inner thoughts kind and loving? Or are they harsh and critical?


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1- If your mother did not know how to love herself, or your father did not know how to love himself, then it would be impossible for them to teach you to love yourself. They were doing the best they could with what they had been taught as children. Louise L. Hay – Self Confidence Tips.


Often, our harsh inner voices come from our parent or caregivers. But blaming them and being angry will not change the past. Using compassion and understanding is the best way to release the negative charge around this idea. Our parents are a product of their parents and so on. It is up to you to break the cycle, and you can do so by being kind to yourself, always.


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2 – I find that when we really love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works. – Louise L. Hay- Self Confidence Tips.


We all have times when we don’t speak very nicely to ourselves, but this should be a rare occasion rather than a consistent dialogue. It is when we can openly love and respect ourselves that we can create the best version of our lives and truly prosper.


If you find yourself speaking harshly to yourself, there are some things you can do. For example, you can try asking yourself if what the voice is saying is true. Another great tip is to consider whether you would speak to your best friend in the way you are speaking to yourself. Often that thought is so confronting it will stop the negative thought in its tracks!


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3 – You’ve been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. – Louise L Hay – Self Confidence Tips.


Choosing to speak kindly to ourselves and make choices that support and nourish us is an act of pure love. It benefits not only ourselves but also the entire world around us. When we practice self-love we become better mothers, fathers, friends and partners. When we adjust the inner dialogue of our minds we unconsciously adjust how we speak out loud in our other relationships.
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