Muhammad Ali was a true champion in every sense of the word. He was an inspiration to millions of people around the world, and his powerful legacy will live on forever through his provocative words. Here 5 Of The Best Inspirational Speeches From Muhammad Ali.

The BEST Muhammad Ali Inspirational Speeches.

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Use your success for good!

The champ used his fame to speak out about what mattered to him. He never allowed success to go to his head. Through his fame he gave a voice to those who did not have one.



Always stand up for what you believe in.

On your journey you will come across people who will mock you and ridicule you. They may hate you or even threaten to throw you in jail. Stay strong and and fight for what you believe in.



There is always joy to be found, even in the struggle.

When we struggle, we grow. And, if we do it with a smile, we will always come out on top. The Champ never let a little pain stop him, he used it to fuel him. Ali once famously said that he didn’t start counting his sit ups until they started hurting. Pain can be your enemy or your ally, and you have the power to choose!



Live with heart. Be selfless.

Whatever you do in your life and whatever you are working towards, live through your heart. Give yourself the mindset that you are to be of service to the world and you cannot go wrong.


Fight hard.

Muhammad Ali did not just fight hard in the boxing ring; he fought hard in life, for what he believed in. And that is what makes him a true hero in our eyes. Rest in peace champ.

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Muhammad Ali Inspirational Speeches & Quotes:

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