Haters. Bless them. The internet trolls. The commentators and critics that have never taken part, but criticize everything about every competitor, as if they, themselves are flawless. Those who have no compassion for others. No respect for the hard work of another. No respect for the feelings of another human being. Those who haven’t grasped the term “Treat others how you wish to be treated”

Oh, bless the haters. Bless them, for we should feel sorry for them, not hate them back. Feel sorry for them, because it must be a miserable existence for those who are unable to have respect and compassion for others. It must be miserable having to feel like the only way you can feel good about yourself is by trying to belittle those who attempt something more than you. Haters, we don’t hate you, we feel sorry for you. Here are 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hate The Haters

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hate The Haters

1. If They Knew Better, They’d Do Better.

Why do haters troll the internet, for the sole purpose of putting others down? They believe that somehow, in dragging down others (usually those who are higher than them), they will somehow feel better about themselves. Why do they need to engage in this pathetic behaviour? Because that’s what they have learnt along their life’s journey. Maybe their family done it before them, maybe their peer group does it. What is for certain is that, if they knew better they would do better. If they knew their energy would be much better spent on focusing how they could improve their own life, rather that belittling someone else’s, they might focus on that instead.

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2. They Are Usually Miserable & Often Jealous

Let’s be clear. Anyone that feels the need to take time out of their day and spew negative energy on another human being can’t be too happy with their own life. I’ve never met a successful person that trolls the internet hating on people that are less successful than them. Haters always appear from the little-me mentalities and are born mostly out of jealousy. I truly feel sorry for most haters, because no happy, peaceful person would ever deliberately try to bring down another. The hate is most often born from jealousy. Jealousy that person succeeded and they didn’t.

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3. They Will Never Amount To Anything (Unless They Change)

I can’t imagine too many people that would love, and support a hater. Not even fellow haters support haters. Although it is pretty obvious most haters are from the lowest form of humanity, and will never amount to anything, for those higher level haters, just remember: Karma doesn’t miss a beat!

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4. They Give You Fuel

If you are the type that likes to prove others wrong, haters can be your greatest source of energy, and push you to the next level.
Don’t let their negative energy get you down. Use it as fuel, and ensure one day they will eat their words

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5. Sometimes They Give You Valuable Feedback

It’s rare, but some haters might offer some decent (negative, but constructive) feedback on your product, service, game, that might be helpful for your growth in that area. No one likes to be criticized, but all of the great successful leaders are known to listen closely to criticism to improve their product and service. This doesn’t mean all haters offer valuable comments, some are just uneducated fools with putrid mouths, but on the odd occasion one might surprise you with constructive criticism.

Share your thoughts on haters, or provide some hate of your own for this article, below 🙂

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