Mental Warfare – Are You Prepared To Fight The Mental Battle In Your Mind?

When it rains it pours! I am sitting in the living room and my relationship with life isn’t at it’s best right now. I’m healthy, my mind is on the right track, and I am in beautiful Miami Beach. What could possibly be wrong? My appreciation for those things are great but I’m missing something. Financial freedom and the number one thing, impacting others on the scale that I would like. Being positive has its ups and downs and the skepticism lingers in my subconscious. The bad seems greater than the good and the bad seems to stick around longer. Mental conditioning is what works best and it is needed daily.

Knowledge of Self

When I skip a day of mental conditioning, I get soaked from the negative rain drops. My mood is greatly affected and I can’t seem to get over the hump for the entire day. When I wake and listen to my speeches and speak all things that I want into the universe, I feel better about where I am heading. One thing that I am not, and that is an expert on life. You can only become an expert on you and your life and that takes time and the warm embrace of change. I know what works for me and what I need to do to keep myself going and mentally motivated. Why is that such a battle? It’s a battle because I have been conditioning my mind for about 2 years now. That means I have 31 years of negativity that needs to be removed and conditioned into positivity.

Tools and Preparation

The war is present and it is the greatest gift you can receive in life. Yes, the pain and sacrifice of war is the greatest benefit for you inner and outer world. You must have great mental armor for this war and be prepared to lose some battles along the way. You will lose some soldiers, and you will suffer some pain. You need a great plan when you’re in a war. There must be a great mentor, amazing friends (soldiers), and powerful weaponry (books, quotes, speakers, audio, and videos). These tools are needed daily and can’t be taken for granted. I am currently in this war and I lose a few battles weekly. Some days are hard for me to get motivated and I just don’t want to condition my mind. I must get into the habit of domination. I can’t take any days off or think that I have my mind under control because this war is forever.

Daily battles

I must dominate every battle week after week, day after day. Days off are a setback to what I am trying to accomplish in this war. I can’t afford to waste time or overestimate the position that I am currently in. I shall attack everyday like it’s the first day of mental warfare. Preparation must be the oxygen and fuel for my day, and there is no room for arrogance in mental warfare. I want all to know that the battles come in different variations and that your weapons and lessons should always be utilized. You need these things daily and talking with a great mentor helps in preparing and winning the battles current and ahead. Keep fighting and if you stay ready, you never have to get ready.

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