5 Powerful Steps to Connect to Your Inner Strength

Your inner strength is a deep force of intelligence; it is a non-combative energy that lies at the very heart of you. When you connect to this powerful source of wisdom and warrior-like resolve it allows you to look at the bigger picture of who you are and what you are truly capable of. The heart of a warrior sits within you, fearless, strategic, with a deep reservoir of courage that breaks through limits and shines out the potential to be better and find a distinct bravery through any hard ship, or seemingly negative circumstance. Your inner strength is your greatest tool for unleashing all your powerful potential and overcoming any adversity! Here are 5 steps to help you connect to what lies within!

inner strength

  • 1. Don’t give anything external the power to alter what is inside, your courage, your value, and your worth!

The true measure of inner strength comes from staying centred no matter what frustrations find their way to you. It is a quietly confident understanding of your own ability and resolve to move past anything that pushes your buttons or challenges that come to knock at your door. You are stronger than you know; whatever pushes against you allows you to tenaciously access that strength! See challenges as gifts that help you to reach a point of self mastery, a place where you can adapt, hold it together and move forward regardless of what life throws at you.

  • 2. Stay connected through your trials and challenges.

Seemingly negative circumstances or situations cannot move you away from your dreams, goals, or ambitions unless you permit them to…use them wisely and they can actually serve to take you closer to what you desire. Tough times require you to fuse and integrate every mental and emotional strategy you have at your disposal, your wisdom, your inner guidance, and your deeper knowledge of self. Stay ‘synced in’ to your own innate truth, there is no need to second guess what you are equipped with when you believe and trust in yourself!

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  • 3. Trust your gut to guide you!

Too often you can ‘switch off’ from your intuition or your gut instinct. If you let yourself get tangled in negative thoughts and drifting ‘mind matter’ then you move away from your capacity to be guided by what you deeply know. When you are up against it-no matter what the circumstance, just take a step back! Turn off the volume on what you feel is testing you, and tune back in to what is inside you; your body is like an orchestra of connection and intelligence, allow it to help you find a way through and adjust your perspective so you respond, rather than defensively react.

  • 4. Learn to love everything that drives you to grow, evolve, and be great!

Life is not meant to be easy, it is full of twists and turns, ups and downs; learn to appreciate each and every one of them, they hold valuable lessons for you and build your character, shape your future experiences, and direct you to being a better version of yourself. You don’t experience life by avoiding it or just participating in the happier parts of it, don’t fear the ‘bad stuff’…use it! Life calls for you to step up and connect to your intrinsic power and unlimited potential through every situation it places before you…absorb each knock down and come back stronger each time!

inner strength

  • 5. Don’t give away your power to negative people or situations!

Don’t give your energy away to things that do not serve you; you detract and regress from what you have inherently when you become too fixed on what is around you, or other people and their opinions and expectations. Take ownership of who you are and your goals and ambitions for your life, only you know what you are uniquely worthy and capable of…go for it!

So, always remember your ‘inner warrior’ that is confident, brave and resourceful; let determination fuel you and envelop you in its fortitude, you will surprise yourself with what you have hidden in your reserves. Dig just that little bit deeper and explore all that inner strength; it holds the signature of all you are and all you desire to be!

Finally, here is a fitting quote by Albert Camus to always keep in mind

“No matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there is something stronger-something better, pushing right back”.

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