4 Reasons Why You Are Not Taking Action & Why You MUST Act Now

What is it you really want to do? Do you want to write your first book which you hope will become a best seller? Do you want to travel around the world while making money in the process? Or maybe you feel it is time to leave your present job and go out on your own? Whatever you want, I am certain there is something deterring you from taking action. Here are four things that maybe preventing you from taking action, and how to overcome them:

1. You feel that luck is against you

Maybe you have been defeated in the past. We have all faced failures in the past; this past failure might be preventing you from taking action now. It brings fear, discouragement and depression upon you. If you feel luck is against you, stay positive Having a positive outlook, or compelling future helps us to take action, we might have been defeated in the past, but if we believe that all will go well IN THE END, and we confess it, this will propel us forward no matter what setbacks we might have faced in life.

2. Are your dreams are too big?

List everything you want to achieve in life before you finally close your eyes, I am sure you have plenty of big dreams. Big dreams often hinder us from taking action because we try to do everything at the same time and we end up not doing anything. If your dreams are too big, divide your goals into smaller more manageable pieces. I believe that humans are special, they are created differently, but if you try to do two things at the same time you will lose focus. You don’t need to be frustrated. Though your goals are many, start with what you can do now. If you are a writer and you want to write 30,000 words in a month, Write 1000 words per day, by the end of the month you will have achieved your goal.

3. Are you afraid?

Fear attacks in many forms. It can attack in terms of size, background or nationality. You may have suffered many setbacks in life. Mr Fear takes advantage of this and decides to hurt you. You cringe and you decide not to take action. If you are afraid, be bold. Boldness makes you see yourself as better and brighter than who you are now. Boldness makes you proud of who you are and what you want to achieve. If you are bold, you will not be afraid to face a famous CEO and ask for their help.

4. “I am better the way I am”

Some people lie to themselves because Mr Fear has gripped them, they will tell you that it is better for them not to take action. They will cite instances of people who haven’t taken action, but they will say, he hasn’t been better but, at least he is doing fine for now. I think I am better the way I am. Meditate upon the consequences Guided meditation can help you to take action, think about the times in the mind you have missed great opportunities because you have not taken action, think about the future glory that is meant to be, If you decide to take action, meditate upon it. I am sure what will be left in your mind are ideas that will help you to take action.


Taking action is a painful process. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many people giving excuses for not taking action. They would all be doing everything possible to achieve their goals. Take action now. Don’t join the majority of saying, ‘I am better the way I am’. Follow all the action steps in this article and wait for the glorious benefit. It will be yours.

Are there other tips for taking action not mentioned in this article? Please comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends.


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  1. Adeyemi

    Thanks for the words. It really lifted me up. Most times I develop fear. My greatest weakness. With the words above am surely going to work on it. Thanks once again


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