We live in a world free from limitation. A world where you can find many examples of other humans that have come from a place of severe lack to great wealth, many examples of others that have come from severe unhappiness to great happiness, yet the MAJORITY still remain stuck in the same hopeless position for years, truly believing THEY can never reach the place they want to get to. Why? Excuses. Common excuses like those below are a staple in many people’s lives. Read on though, and you will discover these excuses are invalid, and you can turn it all round, starting TODAY.


7 Common Excuses Why You Can’t & 7 Reasons Why You CAN!

Excuse #1. Time

If there is one thing we all have equal it is time. Successful people use their time well, and unsuccessful people don’t, it really is that simple. Successful people plan ahead. They schedule daily, weekly and sometimes monthly important tasks and they make sure they always PRIORITIZE the most important jobs first.
No one will ever be able to “get it all done” so it is important you use your time wisely and always do the most important, highest reward tasks first. Review your day today and see which things are taking you closer toward the life you want, and which are using up your time for no future reward. Remove the latter and you will have more time to fill with things that will improve your chances of success.

common excuses why you can't

Excuse #2. Opportunity

This is a big one, because in truth we don’t all have equal opportunity. Some are born into families with great wealth, some get “lucky” along the way. However a few things are for sure:
1. We ALL have the opportunity to be better than we were yesterday.
2. We ALL have the opportunity to learn more, grow more and succeed more every single day.
3. You can find plenty of examples of humans who seemed to have very little, or NO opportunity, yet achieved their dream life, built huge wealth and happiness through DETERMINATION, PLANNING and HARD WORK. If they have done it, you can too. There are no excuses.
If you have less opportunity than others, you might have to work a little harder, you definitely won’t get your dream life by complaining about your lack of opportunities, it is up to you to make it happen.

common excuses why you can't

Excuse #3. The Past

This excuse can come in many forms. ‘Someone wronged me in the past’, ‘this happened in the past so now I’m so far behind I can’t get there’ and in and on it goes. Listen: you can either have results or excuses, you can’t have both. Your past is gone, what is the point in using up your precious energy, draining yourself of power, all for something you CAN NOT CHANGE?! You have to let go of the past, whatever happened, whoever wronged you, let it go! That doesn’t mean you let them get away with it, it means YOUR FUTURE and YOUR HAPPINESS is more important than your excuses.
Take responsibility for your life, NOW. Leave the past behind and create a better future!

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Excuse #4. Money

Many out there claim that they can’t succeed because they (or their parents/family) don’t have the finances to start. We are in 2016 people, not 1916. The majority of big business these days are started (and grown) with investor funding. If you truly have a great business, not an idea, but something to offer, there will be plenty of investors and backers. If you truly want it bad enough, you will find a way to get the money, whatever it takes – begging, friends, family, crowd funding – make it happen.

Excuse #5. It’s too hard

The theory that it is too hard to go after your dream life is crazy to any successful person, who can clearly see living a life you DON’T WANT is much harder than the temporary discomfort & effort required to make that dream happen.
It’s much harder living with regret for your entire life, than living with struggle and discomfort for a short period while you work your way to your dream.

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Excuse #6. I don’t know what to do or where to start.

Chances are, whatever your goal is, there is someone you can reference that has started and succeeded and similar conditions. Find reference points of highly successful people, use their success (and failures) as valuable reference points, and tweak it to suit your business or goal. Model the greats but always do it in your unique way.

Excuse #7. The conditions aren’t right, I’ll do it when I have more____

The time will never be right and the conditions will never be perfect! You must take action. Even the smallest step to get you going, get some momentum. Once you start heading toward your dream life, you usually can’t stop, because if it is really for you, you will be so excited with the possibilities that thoughts will flow, opportunities will arise and your goal will become more important than all the insignificant things in your life. Don’t wait for the conditions to be right to start. Start, and make the conditions right along the way.

The time will never be right and the conditions will never be perfect! You must take action.

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    Wow. I think I’ve just found a new fav blogger 🙂 I really enjoyed this post, I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think to do that before you did lol.


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