Five Powerful Motivators to Help You Achieve Success

It’s important to stay motivated when pursuing your goals. If the goal you’ve decided to work towards is difficult, many things can get in your way that you may not be prepared for, which can be highly discouraging. At times, you could get the feeling that the entire world is against you, especially if you are an anxious person or unsure of your abilities. For these reasons, many hard workers look to external motivators along their journey to help them keep their heads in the game. If you find yourself struggling, look at these five powerful motivators used by workers to achieve their goals.

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A good book accomplishes a lot of things. It can condense a great deal of information and years of experience into a few hundred pages, offering wisdom to people who would otherwise not be able to gain that experience. It can provide focus and perspective, helping you zero in on a specific goal you’re working toward. It can also improve your critical thinking and communication skills, which are valuable tools in any industry. In essence, books are powerful motivators because they will help strengthen your mental toughness.

What kind of book you should read varies from person to person, depending on what kind of motivation you require to get to work. Self-help books can provide a clear plan for pursuing your goals, whether it’s starting your own business, achieving the ideal body, or pursuing a relationship. For brainy types, philosophy books can provide worldly wisdom and an idea of the bigger picture. These will definitely come in handy if you experience an existential crisis brought on by one of your previous goals crashing and burning.

If you’re just interested in reading for fun, following blogs and news sites relating to your field of interest is a great habit to get into, and makes for a great morning ritual.

Rituals and Habits

On the topic of morning rituals, habits that are daily or weekly can serve as powerful motivators. Something as simple as taking a nightly walk can introduce some regularity into your lifestyle, as well as provide a stepping stone to more effective rituals, such as going to the gym every day. These are also commonly referred to as habits or routines, but anything done regularly, even if it’s very simple, can serve as a great tool to keep you motivated. Take a look at some common habits and rituals successful people have and you might just get inspired.

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This may sound counter-intuitive, but nothing is more powerful of a motivator than failure. True, failing at a goal you’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time pursuing can be devastating, but once you’ve processed the painful emotions, it’s important to look at your situation critically. Every failure is a learning experience, a concrete example of what not to do, or what unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of your goals.

Many successful people started with a string of failures, such as Abraham Lincoln’s failed career in law or J.K. Rowling’s struggle to get her first book published. They learned that overcoming failure is just one of the critical steps toward success.

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Reward Systems

It’s a constant grind when you start to make real progress toward achieving your goals. When you’re halfway there, the end seems impossibly far away, and the past so vague and unfamiliar that you only remember the routine. When you get caught up in rituals, discipline, and stoicism, it’s here that you make the most progress toward your goal, but it’s also where you are most likely to get discouraged. It’s important that you set up some sort of reward system, essentially a carrot at the end of a stick.

Having a cheat day on your diet, or taking a day off work to play video games can serve as an oasis for people who work hard and need to stay focused.

Support Network

You’re not alone. Many people are going through similar experiences to yours. They’re all working toward their own goals, but they can share success if they collaborate. Having a network of people you can talk to or work with is a great way to keep on track to your goals and create future opportunities.

Support networks are powerful motivators when like-minded individuals can encourage each other, from something as simple as a coworker working out at the gym with you on Thursdays to a weekly dinner party with some old college friends. Chances are, the people around you are going through similar ordeals, and all it takes is a friendly introduction.

These are just a few possible ways to keep yourself motivated when aspiring toward a task of great importance. It can be tough to stay on track with a long-term plan, so you may want to consider some of these ideas.

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