The Greatest Teachers Share Their Tips: How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Have you ever wondered why corporate slogans exist? McDonald’s is “I’m lovin’ it”, Apple’s is “Think Different” and Nike’s is “Just do it”. It is about meaning. Everything seems empty without meaning. And that is why learning how to find your purpose in life is so important.

The best way to learn how to find your purpose in life is to learn from the experts, the great teachers, who have experienced and achieved what you’re looking for. Here you’ll be learning from the words of the best, including Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and many more. 

Wayne Dyer

how to find your purpose

Do What You Love                    

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”  – Wayne Dyer

Natural Guidance                     

“As an instrument of God, you’re ever in the presence of a loving guidance. With this awareness, you will not lose sight of yourself. When you are aware of your connection to the source, you can truly learn how to find your purpose in life.” – Wayne Dyer

Follow Your Intuition

“I have never known where I’m going. I quite myself, listen, and allow myself to be guidedYou will know your purpose, pursue it with vigor and trust the universe to handle the details.” – Wayne Dyer

Tony Robbins
how to find your purpose

REAL SUCCESS is doing what you love!

“Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want” – Tony Robbins

Power of Meaning 

“It’s not what we achieve that fulfills us, but what we become. No one can live a life that’s fulfilled without a sense of meaning. We’ve been put here for a reason.” – Tony Robbins

Follow Your Instinct

“The best way to discover is to trust your instinct and say “what is it, why I’m here?”. You need to evaluate what’s going to fulfill you. What’s your gift? Are you an artist? Do you have the talent to do what nobody produces as a service or product?” – Tony Robbins

Oprah Winfrey
how to find your purpose oprah

Success will come, if you love what you do first.

“What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come” – Oprah Winfrey

Everyone Has a Purpose

“What I know from experience is that we all are called, everybody has a calling. And your real job in life is to figure out what that is and get about the business of doing it. It lights you up and it lets you know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” – Oprah Winfrey

Look Around

“You have the power to change somebody’s life. Look around and see. It may be your skill at listening or your talent for nurturing and mothering. It doesn’t have to be something that makes you famous. We are all confused about fame versus service in this country.” – Oprah Winfrey

Eckhart Tolle

How to find your purpose Eckhart Tolle

Image: HuffintonPost

Honor the Present

“Many people spend their lives in a state of almost permanent dissatisfaction, unfortunately. What matters most is finding their inner purpose. Inner purpose is aligning your life fully with the present moment, so that you’re no longer out of alignment which leads to dissatisfaction.” – Eckhart Tolle

Future is Now

“You cannot enter the state of satisfaction by setting a future goal. You have to enter the state of fulfillment and satisfaction by becoming one with the present moment.  If there’s a denial of the present moment, which is a denial of life, you’re not honoring life and that is how you will experience the future, because the future is only an extension of now.” – Eckhart Tolle

Shed What You Are Not

“The first step to finding who you are is to know who you are not. And that begins for people, sometimes, with loss; or some breakdown or disaster happens – and those people awaken.” – Eckhart Tolle

Deepak Chopra

deepak chopra how to find your purpose


Powerful Questions

“Ultimately, everybody’s purpose is to serve the evolutionary impulse of the universe. But along the way you could ask yourself “How could you express your unique skills or talents?” “What would you do if you had all the time and all the money in the world?” “Would you feel joyful doing it?” “Would it bring about joy to others?” “Would it improve the quality of life?” The answer would be your purpose.” – Deepak Chopra

Bob Proctor

A Simple Practice

“Wake up one hour early every morning. Sit in someplace where you’re not going to be disturbed and write the answer to this question on a paper. “If I could spend my life doing something, what would I really love doing?” It may take you many days or a few months to get the answer to this question. But the time will be well-invested.” – Bob Proctor 

Ben Angel


“Children have twice as many synaptic connections as adults. Because they take in many configurations before they settle on a particular design and become adults. That’s exactly how we uncover our life purpose – through experimentation, self-exploration and never ending pruning.” – Ben Angel

You Already Know

“The problem is we get so hung up in doing one thing for the rest of our lives and in the process we box ourselves in and create resistance. You see, subconsciously, you already know what your purpose is. You’re just too scared to claim it.” – Ben Angel

Ask Yourself

“You must ask yourself, “Why have I not allowed my purpose to reveal itself yet?”Ask yourself, “What is the story I’d love to unravel in front of me?” Pick three key experiences you must have an individual routinely that will make you feel happy and fulfilled.” – Ben Angel 

Caroline Myss

Listen to Your Intuition

“We have intuitive voice in us. We are born intuitive. We are so intuitive that it’s actually, for most people, the source of their suffering. Because people hear when they betray themselves. It’s that voice that says that “You shouldn’t have said that”. The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” – Caroline Myss

Quick Recap

The experts have shared wonderful advice on how to find your purpose in life. The basic theme is outlined below:

  1. Always follow your intuition. 
  2. Ask reflective questions – “If I had all the resources, what would I do?” 
  3. Honor the present. 
  4. Shed all the things that you aren’t. 
  5. Let spiritual guidance uncover your life. 
  6. You already know your purpose subconsciously.

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