The Most Powerful Lesson Ever For Life In Your 20s

At first, it may seem that Gary sniffed a line of cocaine before making this video. But behind this veil of aggression lie an intense enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and immense gratitude for life.

In this video, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how you must take the road less travelled if you want to elevate your life in your 20s.The road less travelled means that you must follow your heart and find a way to do what you love. You must be willing to take risks.

The Golden Years

“This is not when you’ve been married and you promised. This is not when the world has sucked out all your dreams and hopes yet.”

Invest in Your Passion
The period after college graduation is the greatest window in your life. This is the time when you can take big risks. For example, if you want to become a musician, this is the time to find gigs or may be form partnership with good bands. This is the time to hustle. This is the reason your 20s is a golden era that will never come back.

Before It’s Too Late
Once you step into your 30s, your life will never be the same. You will eventually have to choose a path if you plan to raise a family. Because your children, your marriage, your parents’ health – a plethora of stuff will be put on your shoulders. So, start valuing this golden period of your life.

“When you’re in your early 20s, this is when you can grind at your highest levels ‘cause there’s isn’t all the f-ing baggage that comes across with life.”

Think Long-term

“This is not the time to maximize as much money so that you can buy a fat whip”.

Low Hanging Fruit
Think for a moment. How you’re going to live life in your 20s? You’ll most probably try to earn money with any job you can get. People find it exciting to have a paycheck every month. Some even work in food chains like McDonald’s where no valuable skill is taught. For them, college days are over and they can finally rent that big car or buy the latest iPhone. Amidst all these frills, the dream is lost.

Real Gold
The real gold lies in your passion, your innate talent. As Tony Robbins said, you can work with two forces – push or pull. You can either push hard in a job you hate. Because you will face resistance. Or you can surrender to the pull of your passion. Your passion, the pull, is long-lasting. You’ll not shy away from the hustle when you’re doing something you love.

Safety is Overrated

“What you’ve been doing for sixteen years is easy. It’s structured, it’s easy. The world, this thing, is hard.”

Safety or Stagnation?
People often make choices that are “safe”. Safe. This word is thrown too much by parents, university professors and even your friends. But why be safe? Why not live life with radiance, creativity, passion, curiosity and spirit. Engage in meaningful conversations. Dream outrageous things. Heck, if Elon Musk can decide to go to Mars, can’t you just follow your passion? Pause and think! 

Without exploration and expansion in life, we don’t become safe, we become dead.

I know that you may have college loans or parent’s expectations to fulfill. But none of that will matter in the long-run. That path will still be open after five years. You can go on the boring humdrum path of rat race whenever you want. And you’ll still be able to pay the loan and your parents would still be happy. But once this golden era of 20s is closed in your history of life, it will never come back. And you know that you don’t want regrets.

Next Steps

You have learnt how valuable life in your 20s is. Here is a plan for action:

Find Yourself  – If you wonder how to find passion in life – it is done through experimentation, exploration, learning, traveling and meeting new people. Create yourself, don’t just find yourself. Get involved.

Go All-in – Once you find your path, don’t quit until your last breath. Go all-in. Downsize and spend all your money on finding clients or learning new skills. You don’t need the fat whip. You need yourself, your creative energy, your youth and your ability to grind.

Don’t trade your freedom for quick money. It’s not worth it.

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