20 Shocking Truths About Life That Great People Live By

1. It’s not what you say, but what you do that really matters.

People love to talk about things and weave interesting stories of the future. But things change only when we take action. 

2. You can never make everyone happy.

If you want to please everyone, you’re preparing for failure. Instead, focus on your life and your goals.

3. Life is much shorter than you think.

People often say that “I’ll do it someday”. Your dreams will go to the grave if you don’t start soon enough.

4. Everyone you love is going to die.

This can be painful to hear but contains a valuable lesson. The lesson is to be grateful for the people you have in your life. And indeed, it is one of the most shocking truths about life.

5. Money doesn’t make you happy.

Success without fulfillment is a failure. Fulfillment comes from the impact you have on people, how you have made a difference in their lives.

6. Happiness is not the goal of life.

Pursuing happiness will only make you sad. People buy expensive cars or house thinking that it will increase their happiness. But happiness comes from having quality relationships and a sense of purpose in life.

7. Your limiting thoughts don’t define you. 

Too many people crush their dreams because of self-doubt. Others dwell in self-hatred. But the truth is that our thoughts don’t define us. Stop identifying with negative thoughts.

8. Success is not about talent, it is about hard work and determination.

People often complain that they’re not talented enough. This is how they give their power away. But it is hard work and relentless focus that makes anyone great. For many people, this is one of the most shocking truths about life.

9. Your decisions and not your circumstances create your reality.

People often blame their childhood, their boss or their friends for the bad things in their lives. But in reality, our decisions in life lead us to those circumstances. So we need to harness the power of decision to change our reality for the better.

10. Instant gratification will rob you of life-changing opportunities.

We live in an age of instant gratification. We love the sound of an incoming message. We can’t wait to earn money even if it means working in low-skilled jobs. We need to invest attention in better things if we want to succeed.

11. You should stop trying to be perfect and start being you.

There is a multitude of people trying to be entrepreneurs today. It’s like the perfect solution to being wealthy. But not all have the talent to be one. Therefore, you must know who you really are.

12. No matter how hard your life is, you are responsible for it.

No matter what you’re going through in life, if you take responsibility, you can achieve what you want. Yes, this is one of the most shocking truths about life, but you must accept it.

13. The best investment ever is to invest in your own growth.

People invest most of their money on rent, travel, and leisure. But few of them take a class to upgrade their skills. The more you’re skilled, the more your impact in the society is and the more you can earn.

14. Everyone has a dream, few have a plan, and even fewer execute that plan.

Even the poor dream of a good future for themselves. Everyone does. But only when you hustle and do the work, your dream becomes real. This is one of the most shocking truths about life since people love to dream, but don’t love to work.

Team Fearless: Live Your Dream

15. You don’t find your passion, you create your passion.

Most people think their way to find their passion. But you need to create your passion by doing things, making mistakes and then finding the right path.

16. If you want to be extraordinary, you must leave your comfort zone.

Our comfort zone leads to self-imposed limitations and a perfect recipe for mediocrity.

17. If you are too afraid to fail, you’ll never evolve to your fullest.

You must be willing to fail if you want to accomplish great things. Even Bill Gates’ first company failed. And look at him now!

18. Your intuition is more powerful than you think.

People need to trust the voice that whispers to them. It’s the voice which tells us what to do and how to overcome the obstacles that come in our way.

19. Your real competition is with yourself. It’s not out there.

The world outside is a reflection of your internal belief and value system. There is nothing out there that is limiting you in any way. Only you do. 

20. Time is your most valuable commodity, so you must learn to manage it.

Life is too short to dabble into things. You should choose one thing to master so that you can become great. Moreover, you need to manage time on a daily basis. As you live your days, so you live your life.

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