20 Most Powerful Affirmations Because Thoughts Become Things

“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” – James Allen, As a Man Thinketh.

most powerful affirmations
Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts lead to actions. Actions over time become habits. And habits lead to long-lasting results.

Ultimately, our thoughts create our destiny.

Do affirmations work?

Affirmations are great to kick-start your day. There is a scientific reason why. Our brains have a Reticular Activating System (RAS). Its function is to fill our awareness with things that we think about.

So if you think about red and then look around in your room, you’ll notice red all around. Similarly, when you tell yourself that your life is amazing, you’ll find more and more amazing experiences as your life unfolds.

But sometimes affirmations may not work. We’ll get to that later.  First, read the most powerful affirmations below to build a strong mind.

1. I create my life on a quantum level. There are endless opportunities.

2. I have a healthy body, tranquil mind and a vibrant soul.

3. I am enough.

4. I don’t entertain negativity in any shape or form. I simply let it go.

5. I love the fact that so many people have faith in me.

6. I create happiness by appreciating the little things in life.

7. I am blessed to have a wonderful family and friends.

8. I embrace the rhythm of life and let it unfold.

most powerful affirmations

9. I focus on action to create the life I want. The smallest step can end years of stagnation.

10. I know my intuition will always take me in the right direction.

11. I adore my quirks because they make me unique.

12. I can become anything I put my mind to.

13. I believe in my dreams and I won’t stop until they become real.

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14. I have nothing to fear because I can seek guidance whenever I want.

15. I always give when I can because I know it always comes back.

16. I see failure as a golden opportunity to learn.

17. I know that massive action cures everything.

18. I love the creative energy that flows through me.

19. I work for my desires because I don’t want regret.

20. I don’t live for things, I live for a spiritual purpose.

most powerful affirmations

Choose The Right Affirmations

Now some of the above affirmations resonated with you, and some didn’t. You need to keep the ones that did.

Here is how affirmations work or don’t work. They must align with your beliefs. Suppose your affirmation says “I exude happiness all the time”. But if you are sad most of the time, even the most powerful affirmations will become useless. Because they go against your beliefs.

So here’s what you should do in this case.

If the affirmation is too strong or positive for you, choose a neutral one.

You don’t need the most powerful affirmations if they don’t match your beliefs. Use the neutral ones instead. Instead of saying “I exude happiness in every moment”, say “I have bad days and good days like everyone else. But I focus on improvement.” Instead of saying “I feel financial abundance in my life.”, say “I am grateful that I can earn money.”

The key is that you should say the affirmation with conviction. It should resonate with you on a deeper level.

Now you know how to make your own affirmations. Just pick the ones that fill you with conviction. It’s that simple.

Start conquering your life now!

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  1. Sara

    Thank you so much for the great affirmations.
    I understand that all affirmations should be firmulated positivly.
    The universe does not have the words No, not , nothing, it does not understand lack. It is pure positive energy like our essence.
    Thank you

  2. tiffany

    when you said affirmations must align with your beliefs i needed that and also the conviction part as well. I understand

  3. Tahir

    Thanks fearless soul. You helped a lot. 5 lesson to live by Dr Wyne Dyre
    Is really soothing,


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