How to Handle Insults And Deal With Haters

Hurt people hurt people.

Haters. Workplace, social circles, family – they can be anywhere.

And because they’re so pain-in-the-arse good at annoying you, you just want to give them a high-five, in the face, with a hammer.

But you don’t want to end up in jail. So we suggest that you understand your haters better to deal with them.

Hate never comes from a place of fulfillment and happiness. It only comes from a place of envy and lack. But haters won’t understand. And they’re not supposed to.

It’s your duty to learn the lessons and move on. Here’s how to handle insults and deal with haters:

1. See through them

It doesn’t mean you need to see them naked.

The point is to see through their bullshit. Haters hate because they feel hurt inside. It is their own frustrations that make them bitter.

In fact, if you have some haters, you deserve a pat on your back. That’s because you’ve probably done something great that they couldn’t do themselves.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting has been regarded as the finest piece of art worldwide, Yet, some haters have thrown acid and rocks at it. Hell, some have even lobbied to have the museum burned down.

Now the beauty is protected by a bulletproof glass.

How to handle insults and hate:  See hate for what it is – jealousy in disguise.

Greatness is criticized because it is a threat to mediocrity.

how to handle insults

2. Learn your lessons

Although, usually haters lack any substance, yet they can teach you valuable lessons.

First, you need to be impartial towards criticism. Then see if they hate you because of your own fault. If you have done something wrong, then it’s time to change your behavior.

And if it’s not your fault, there’s still a lesson to learn. The lesson is of self-acceptance, compassion, and focus.

If haters annoy you, it’s time to strengthen your focus and show more compassion towards yourself.

How to handle insults and hate: Learn the lessons of self-acceptance and focus.

3. Know that they don’t matter

This is the most important lesson when dealing with haters. Brene Brown, a seasoned researcher of vulnerability, says that if your haters have never stepped in your shoes, they don’t deserve to pass any judgment on your actions.

Think for a second. If they have never taken the risk themselves, who are they to tell you that you have failed?

Brown says that “If you’re not in the arena and not getting your arse kicked, I’m not interested in your opinion.”

How to handle insults and hate: Learn why haters don’t matter.

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4. Surround yourself with positive people

Now you need some cushions to absorb the shocks of criticism. Surrounding yourself with positive people will help you maintain balance even when you’re getting a lot of hate.

Spend time with your loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest.

Your haters want you to become miserable. But it’s your choice to become happy or miserable.

How to handle insults and hate: Take strength from the love of family and friends.

5. Respond with silence

When you’re faced with criticism in a social setting such as your workplace, it is best to ignore and move on.

Responding with silence shows your haters that you are not affected by their remarks. It shows that you’re willing to take the high road.

When you respond with silence, the criticism dissolves by itself.

How to handle insults and hate: Never react to criticism, let it dissolve by itself.

how to handle insults

6. Focus on yourself

When you have a lot going on in your life, haters won’t matter to you. Focus on YOUR goals and YOUR friends. Nothing else matters.

Make plans with your friends on the weekend. Work long hours on your favorite project. Schedule more downtime and go out with family. Dig deeper into your hobbies.

How to handle insults and hate: Be so busy being awesome that you have no time for hate.

7. Prove them wrong

Use criticism as motivation to work even harder. Because when you finally achieve what you want, your haters will have to eat their words and swallow their pride. None of their opinions will really matter.

And some of them may even become your fans!

So, be yourself without apologizing to anyone.

How to handle insults and hate: Realize how good it will feel to prove your haters wrong.

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