How to Achieve Greatness Using The Power of Belief

Every year the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

They both seem to be caught up in a spiral. The rich spiral upwards toward success, hope, certainty, abundance, and fulfillment. The poor spiral downwards toward failure, poverty, anxiety, scarcity, and frustration.

What if we told you achieving greatness is a choice?

Today you’ll learn the EXACT principle that drives success and failure. You’ll learn how one can turn their life around by overcoming their mental barriers.

We’ll show you some real life examples so that you can break your own mental barriers.

How to Achieve Greatness

The core principle that shows how to achieve greatness is:

How Certainty Helps You Move Forward Quickly

When you’re absolutely certain about something, you perceive it as an opportunity worth pursuing and you take massive action to achieve it. But when you’re not certain, you take less action, face disappointment and give up.

Here’s a real life example:

Roger Bannister is an English athlete who ran the first four-minute mile. Before him, no runner ever believed that they break the 4-minute mile. But after his success, 37 people overcame their mental barriers.

This leads to a remarkable observation:

“People find certainty in the outside world. If they can create it within, they can achieve anything and become unstoppable.”

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If anyone of the 37 people had created certainty by themselves, they could have broken the record earlier.

So our strategy should be to create certainty inside us by ourselves.

But how?  

First, let’s understand the full mechanism of how success or failure spirals work and how to achieve greatness using this knowledge.

  1. Potential

You have learned how certainty drives us to take action. We think an opportunity is worth pursuing if we see the potential in it. If we aren’t certain, we don’t see the potential.

  1. Action

Once we see the potential, we feel ready to take action. The more certain we are, the more action we take. If we don’t see the potential, we won’t take any action.

  1. Results

When we take massive action, we create great results. When we don’t take action, we don’t generate results.

  1. Belief

When we create great results, this confirms our belief that we have great potential. Similarly, if we don’t create results, it further strengthens our belief that we have little potential.

Get what you want in life

So the belief again connects to potential, making it a spiral. We all spiral in this pattern, downwards or upwards, in major areas of our lives such as career, relationships etc.

So, if we can somehow hack the core link, which is certainty, we can become the masters of our own destiny.

As Tony Robbins says:

The core difference in people is how do you produce certainty when the world isn’t giving it to you?

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How to Achieve Greatness: Create Certainty Yourself

So how do you create certainty? If the external world tells you that you can’t do it and you don’t have any past records of success, how do you create absolute certainty?

The answer is, by using your imagination.

If your external reality cannot give you certainty, it has to come from your own mind. This is where visualization kicks in. You can create certainty for yourself if you see yourself achieving your goals in your mind.

It is exciting to see yourself succeeding, isn’t it? This shows achieving greatness is a choice. You can use this strategy for achieving greatness in business, relationships and every other area of life.

The more detailed your visualization, the better. How will it feel? What kind of things you’d do? How will your social circle look like? What kind of hobbies and passions will you have?  

Why visualization works so well?

Because our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. And it is our subconscious mind that controls most of our actions. By visualizing in your mind, you are asking your subconscious and the universe to provide you with all the resources needed to achieve that goal.

Power of Belief

As Abraham Hicks said,

If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you.

You have to practice visualization on a regular basis to achieve your goals. It’s not a one-time thing.

And once you reach your goals – in relationships, in career, in fitness – the rewards will be worth every second of effort.

2 Responses

  1. Sean

    Love it…however…
    I get that the theme here is fearless motivation, however there is a bit more involved for a lot of people.
    Many/most of us are caught in a nastier ‘spiral’ of other people’s expectations, projections, and opinions. We all develop a soft spot for external influence when we are young, vulnerable, and subject to the weight of obligation to family and so forth.
    We all have to win the battle of:

    Who Am I Vs. Who Am I Expected To Be

    The more that we can overcome the burdens of undo influence, as well as reset our own sense of self (by overcoming the weight of other peoples insecurities, opinions, etc.), the faster we can begin to believe ourselves into better lives.

    For more, click my name. 🙂

  2. Wilson Muite

    Belief is the most important aspect of personal growth. First, we must stop and remove all limiting beliefs and thoughts from our minds. These negative, defeatist beliefs have gradually eroded all chances of growth and achievement in our lives. Unfortunately, limiting thoughts and beliefs have greatly contributed to our downward spiral by attracting other limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions from the universe by our own subconscious minds.

    The power of the universe works both-ways irregardless of whether our thoughts are positive or negative. The universal mind, directly connected to our subconscious minds, readily brings to us “our own”, by attracting similar thoughts and beliefs throughout the universe. Imagine the immense power that we have within ourselves! Imagination coupled with accompanying emotions powerfully and quickly bring to us what we entertain in our minds.

    Be alert and constantly on the lookout on what thoughts you entertain in your mind most of the times. What is your predominant mental attitude? To instantly know whether you are thinking positive or negative thoughts, use your emotions. What are you feeling now? Why are you feeling so? You’ll find that it is because of the thoughts currently running in your mind. So if you feel bad, your thoughts are bad and negative. Change them immediately. Stop negative thoughts at the door of your mind. Never allow them entry into your mind. Stop them immediately and instead replace them with positive uplifting thoughts.

    Concerning limiting beliefs, this is something that you have to work on gradually because most of our limiting beliefs go far back to our childhood conditioning and the environment we grew up in. What is your relationship with money, success, rich people, wealth and the like? What do you ‘feel’ when you think about success, wealth and the good things in life? Do you believe that they are not meant for you? These are the kind of limiting beliefs that you have to discard one by one until you remove them all from your system!

    Be great, it’s your birthright!

    Wilson Muite


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