Pressure Makes Humans Respond Better to the Challenges of Life

Several years ago I watched Bishop T. D. Jakes preach a message titled: “Turning Pressure into Power”, and it left a lasting impression on my spirit. I quickly got an impression that it’s actually possible to gain promotion from powerlessness to powerfulness: from “grass to grace”; and from a “furnace to a palace”.

The growth of a “low-flying eaglet” to a “high-flying eagle”, is by pressure; and by the pressure of heat – charcoal becomes diamond! Gold is processed by fire! Through the pressure created by World War Two, nations were given birth to in a new era after the war. A woman gives birth to children by the pressure of pushing. In summary, the truth about pressure is that it creates an internal change in people, which tends to makes them respond better to the challenges of life.

In the history of mankind, it has been noted that pressure brought out the best human resources, talents, intelligence, wisdom and potentials in so many men and women. When many people are squeezed, they responded better by displaying their full capabilities, which were always residing within them, and only waiting to be utilized.

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What Separates Successful People From Average People?

What distinguishes extraordinarily successful people from those with average, or ordinary success – is their ability to perform under challenging conditions of sustained pressure. Take for example – athletes: their skills wouldn’t have much significance if they can’t use it to win trophies during the challenges that are associated with top competitions: which are often characterized by pressure. It can be observed in everyday life that two or more people, with the same training and skills, respond in different ways when confronted with similar concentrations and conditions of pressure.

There are times you must have noticed and wondered why some people flourish in the midst of pressure, while others respond by falling apart. Under pressure, some individuals react positively in a way that builds up their performance: on the other hand, there are other individuals who react in a way that drops their performance. In the right way, pressure can also make you identify the bad aspects of your life, and make appropriate adjustments for your good and the general good of those around you.

Pressure Increases Your Faith

For those who look at life from a more spiritual perspective, you might have noticed that pressure brings out a lot of spiritual attributes hidden within us like – patience, endurance, resilience, power and inner strength. That process would be similar to how pressure is used in converting weak charcoal into strong diamond: it also causes people to grow in faith and belief.

When you are a situation where no other option is available, than for you to wait, believe and expect a miraculous breakthrough from a higher power (God, the universe or whatever you believe in) – then your faith in God’s existence; your faith in God’s power, might and abilities – will only grow stronger.

When challenges and disbelief threaten you, then quickly and mandatorily respond by using faith as an effective tool. In order to pass from a position of powerlessness to heightened power, first of all – remain calm under that fire. Once you do not bend nor bow to it, then it won’t consume you. Take your gaze away from the predominant negativity you see around you, and concentrate on that higher power you believe in; and remember that power is always in a close proximity to those people who believe, even though they may be under a lot of pressure. In order to receive spiritual strength, which always has the capability of tackling physical challenges, make it a habit of maintaining positivity while looking to that higher power at all times.

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  1. meenakshi jha

    pressure is very painful but good for us, it teaches us what only we learn by experiences only. here our effort and experiences are our greatest teachers.

    • Godwin

      Yes, meenakshji. you made a good observation. efforts and experience direct us.


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