Date with Destiny is perhaps Tony Robbins most well known event, after the recent release of the documentary I am Not Your Guru.
Date With Destiny is a 6 day intensive, self development seminar with the sole intention of changing your life for the better – in just about every area. Tickets range from $5000-$12,000USD so it isn’t an easy decision for many to make. With this in mind, I thought it might be a great idea to give the world an honest Date with Destiny review.
Below you will find honest opinions from 3 amazing human beings who attended, with myself the most recent Date With Destiny.

Date with Destiny is attended by a variety of people, from CEO’s and multi-millionaires, to students and those with suicidal thoughts. Everyone looking for a major breakthrough in their life.
You can make your mind up, based on these reviews, if Date with Destiny is worth it for YOU.

It is my opinion any event could be highly valuable, to anyone, depending on how you CHOOSE to view that event (something you will learn at Date With Destiny). If you have not invested in any of Tony’s books or audio programs before, I do suggest you start with those, as the event is really just a live, extended version of these programs. I highly recommend: Unlimited Power – Book, and Personal Power Audio Program.

Here are some thoughts of those who have invested in the event:

How would you summarise Date with Destiny in 1 sentence?

Anthony Leong: An expensive, but worth it, life-changing experience, that was fun, exhausting and exhilarating.

Christie Jenkins: A personal development rock concert that can change your life forever.

Christina Wallace: Date with Destiny is what you do when you make a true decision to make real changes in your life, have massive breakthroughs, and step into your true authentic self!

What was your purpose for attending Date with Destiny?

Anthony Leong: To get my mojo back with regard to starting another business, after achieving all my previous goals overseas .Was there a main reason/breakthrough you wanted from the event?

Christie Jenkins: I’ve always been interested in sports psychology and the mental side of high performance so I went looking to learn more about that. But I left with much more than that.

Christina Wallace: My purpose for attending Date with Destiny was to gain clarity on my values and purpose in life. The most important breakthrough for me was to delete past limiting beliefs and establish clear values for my future; to unleash my personal power to create a compelling and fulfilling future.

What is was your greatest personal breakthrough moment or principle gained from Date with Destiny?

Anthony Leong: The conviction, which has lead to action, that putting my wife first is the most important thing I can do for my happiness.

Christie Jenkins: Tony makes a distinction between the ‘science of achievement’ and the ‘art of fulfilment’. Until DWD I’d never really understood how you could develop a sense of fulfilment without losing some of your edge on the achievement side of the equation. The exercises around values and primary question helped me reconcile this tension in my mind.

Christina Wallace: My greatest personal breakthrough happened on Transformation day, when I was able to release the little girl inside who had protected me from danger, abuse, and being left alone. I was able to express my gratitude, and let her go because she no longer served me. I was able to recognize that I am safe, loved, and protected by source, the universe, God. I am able to love all of me, forgive all my judgements, and let go of the parts that no longer serve me.


Is there anything at all you didn’t like about Date With Destiny?

Anthony Leong: The meditation did not seem different from other meditations.  It was built up a lot, but for me, didn’t deliver.

Christie Jenkins: As an athlete it was difficult for me to sit inside for so long – they certainly aren’t generous with breaks during the sometimes 15 hour days! That was a physical challenge for me. I also skipped out on Mike and his sales pitch as it felt very negative and not aligned with the energy of the rest of the event.

Christina Wallace: I would have enjoyed more team time, to get to know people more individually on our team, and have a team challenge. I would also like more information for Relationship day, the interventions were very long and some content on feminine and masculine energies was omitted.

Nearly 2 months on, have you been able to maintain the momentum gained from the DWD event?

Anthony Leong: Yes.  Still repeating my primary question and mission statement daily multiple times.  Still repeating my power virtues and noticing my away value of humiliation not affecting me as much as it used to.  Have more faith in the future and not feel I need to control everything for certainty or constantly prove myself for significance which is a huge weight off my shoulders.  I remember that I alone am responsible for the state that I am in.

Christie Jenkins: The week after the event I crashed hard catching up on sleep deprivation! I actually left DWD not with a need for more momentum, but a need to enjoy the moment more. I think it’s probably unsustainable to live your whole life at such a peak energy state. What I’ve tried to do is recalibrate my natural energy state to be slightly higher, and to know that DWD is the high-bar for a maximum energy state which I can go into on occasion.

Christina Wallace: YES! Because I had already hired a life coach, have been part of an amazing Master Mind from UPS San Jose, and have an accountability partner, I have been able to make amazing shifts and progress. I will also redo my poster to re-evaluate my values and goals with SMART goals, and measurable actions using RPM planning.

What, if any great results have you achieved which you would attribute to DWD and the principles gained there?

Anthony Leong: The above.  Also, moving toward love and contribution as my main human needs, I enjoy more the time with my wife and kids more, despite the challenges of raising two young kids, and I have increased my giving/lending to KIVA.

Christie Jenkins: I can’t point to one significant life change that has occurred after my time at DWD, more the accumulation of small changes. I was already doing what I wanted to do with my life before the event so I’ve made slight adjustments to the way I think about things and the energy I bring to things.

Christina Wallace: Learning my old values and top needs was huge. Now that I have assessed and created new towards and away values, I am so much happier and more fulfilled. My new top 3 towards goals are: 1) Health and vitality, 2) Love & connection, 3) Financial Freedom, which serve me in focusing my actions and allow me to feel successful daily! I also use RPM planning more effectively since DWD.

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Would you recommend date with destiny to anyone? Why/Why not?

Anthony Leong: I would, if you plan to continue to use the tools in your life after, not just at the event.  In any case the interventions are a pleasure and privilege to witness live and the decisions and distinctions you make can be life changing.

Christie Jenkins: Most of the people in the room either have some interest in personal development, or are completely stuck and frustrated with a major area of their life. Having said that, I believe there is something in it for everyone. You get the performance of your body checked at the doctor every year, so why wouldn’t you also do the same for your thoughts and emotions.

Christina Wallace: YES! I have recommended DWD to many people already, however, I also recommend hiring a success coach first. My coach was able to help me clear a lot and set clear intentions before attending DWD, so I maximized my experience and outcomes.

In your opinion, what was the greatest thing about DWD?

Anthony Leong: The interventions (Intervention meaning Strategic Intervention, is where Tony dives deep into a 1 on 1 transformation with an individual, this is a big part of the event)

Christie Jenkins: I’m in awe of Tony’s ability as a speaker. He would hold the room completely captivated for hours and hours on end. People would be busting for the bathroom and not want to leave, and when they did finally succumb to their bladders they would sprint to the bathroom!

Christina Wallace: The greatest thing about DWD was the alignment of towards and away values, and learning about relationships regarding feminine and masculine energies. I also met the most amazing people, and had such support from my accountability partner!

What are your thoughts about the energy in the room every day? 

Anthony Leong: Powerful energy of love in the room

Christie Jenkins: It’s off the charts. Literally like being at a concert except no one judges you for your stupid dance moves at DWD.

Christina Wallace: The energy in the room was AMAZING!! I went to the Gold Coast, and fell in love with the Aussies! Tony, Scotty, and all the trainers & mentors were so awesome! The crew brought the energy up to a whole new level!!

Unlimited Power

During the event, you will likely hug more humans than you have in your life, and dance longer than you have in your life too. Tony does this to get you in a positive, powerful state.

Anthony Leong: It grows on you, then you get right into it.  I continue the dancing at home at times, to the amusement of my kids. Hugs are always great – easy way to feel good.

Christina Wallace: Dancing was the BEST!

You will learn about the 6 human needs, and how your needs control your decisions.

What were your Top 2 human needs and how were they restricting you from the life you wanted?

Anthony Leong: Certainty and significance helped me be successful, but would not allow me to be happy as you can’t control the future, no matter how much you influence it, and there will always be a bigger fish for you to compare yourself to.

Christie Jenkins: Previously my top two needs were significance and growth. I was happy with growth and it remains one of my top two. While I still love achieving things, I can do it with a motivation that goes beyond simply chasing significance. Removing significance from my top two will also make it a lot easier to experience a meaningful relationships and deeper friendships.

Christina Wallace: My top 2 human needs used to be certainty and significance, they restricted me from the life I wanted because I was too concerned with how people would see me or what others thought. I was also too scared to take a real risk and go for it!

What are your top 2 human needs now, and how is your life better from this shift? 

Anthony Leong: Love and growth.  Love brings so much joy in my life so I now emphasise hugging and savouring my wife and kids (particularly when they are in a good mood 😉  ).   I am putting my wife first, at least a lot more than I used to and it has improved our relationship.  Another thing that makes me happy is growth, which, regardless of whether others see it, feels good to me, as the small wins feel great and add up to something pretty awesome in any area of life.

Christie Jenkins: Growth is still there, and I chose love as my second one. It’s a huge shift for me and there are still plenty of times where I see significance thinking creeping back into my life. It’s led me to reframe how I think about achievement from a predominantly self-focused point of view, to considering how what I achieve might have a broader impact. For example, winning a sporting tournament gives you the profile to mentor and inspire young athletes and the power to influence the structure of the sport for the better.

Christina Wallace: My top needs now are love & connection, and Contribution! Growth is at the top as well, I am consistently growing with daily personal development, my mastermind tribe, reading, and learning daily.

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1 full day at Date with Destiny is dedicated to Relationships:

What was your biggest takeaway from Relationship day?

Anthony Leong: To man up and realise that my wife becomes more masculine and bossy when she’s stressed or scared.  To make sure that there is polarity of masculine and feminine in the relationship, and always know that we have the best of intentions.  Putting her first and letting her know that has created more intimacy in the relationship.

Christie Jenkins: Relationship day was one ‘aha’ after another of ‘well now I know why I’m single’! The breakthrough for me was a transformation in my thinking around showing vulnerability and femininity. Prior to DWD I’d considered displaying these as a sign of weakness. I realized that it takes far more courage and strength to show your vulnerability than it does to maintain an outward appearance of strength.

Christina Wallace: My biggest takeaway was about the masks, that a real feminine core can be masked by a masculine and then masked by what she thinks is being feminine. That was so eye-opening!

Do you think the principles learned that day will enhance your relationship? (Or get you into a relationship if you weren’t in one) ((or END your relationship if it was an unhealthy one)

Anthony Leong: Yes, they have.

Christie Jenkins: I’ll have to put that to the test when I next find myself in a relationship. Gentlemen… feel free to ask me out and we can share our relationship visions 😉

Christina Wallace: YES!! I learned so much that has already enhanced the relationship I have with myself, and will make my next relationship so much more amazing!

You will learn about living in a beautiful state, and how to get in a powerful state every day.

How has learning about the power of your STATE changed your life & what you do to get in state every day. 

Anthony Leong: I have realised that state is so much of the solution to most problems.  We are all better people in the right state, and can be awful in the wrong state.  I do gratitude exercises, listen to inspiring music, jump up and down or watch a short documentary called ‘Slomo’ on youtube that inspires me.

Christie Jenkins: I’ve used my incantations (usually while driving so if you see someone yelling at the top of their lungs it’s not road range, it’s me getting into a beautiful state). This has been an addition to the visualization that I do regularly to prepare myself to compete in my sport.

Christina Wallace: A grateful, centered, and joyous state is key to daily outcomes and enjoying the most of life. Living in the zone of fulfillment is dependent upon living in a beautiful empowering state. I do priming, meditation, exercise, and saying my definite major purpose statement every morning. I also live in a constant beautiful state of joyous expectancy.  I shake my ASS as much as possible!!

The importance of  “living in a beautiful state” – What does it mean to you? 

Anthony Leong: Before I used to rely on strategy and use my intellect which are great for business, but for happiness, living in a beautiful state and self managing it is key.

Christie Jenkins: A beautiful state means holding appreciation for your life and the present moment in your mind. To be in that state, be in the now (not thinking about the past or future) and find gratitude for something around you or within you.

Masculine and Feminine energies – your takeaway from these principles.

Anthony Leong: Polarity of the energies in a marriage is vital, otherwise we would just be friends/room mates.

Christie Jenkins: Masculine is not strong and feminine is not weak – each of these energies requires courage and commitment to live in.

Christina Wallace: My biggest takeaway is that a true masculine needs freedom and appreciation. And I need to nurture my feminine energy by being vulnerable, playful, and allowing my man to be my hero!

You will learn how to master MEANING, knowing that YOU control your reactions to every situation in your life.

How has the old story and your new story have changed your life?

Christie Jenkins: I’ve always believed strongly in taking personal accountability for you achievements and for your enjoyment of your life. You learn that pretty quickly through sport where winning and losing and the emotions that go with it are entirely your responsibility. So my story hasn’t really changed, I’ve just added a touch more gratitude for all the opportunities I’ve had.

Your old and new values: How have they changed and how has that improved your life?

Anthony Leong: They have made me feel happier and less fearful of rejection or humiliation.

Christie Jenkins: My old values were winning, freedom, making someone proud of me, growth and recognition. And my life definitely reflected that – I’m an athlete so winning is part of my job description. I also developed a lifestyle that saw me travel 8 months of the year overseas – plenty of freedom. My new values are growth, love, courage (because love takes courage!), audacity / boldness, impact and leadership. The change is to bring more a focus on fulfilment and relationships into my life, and to think about achievement from the perspective of making and impact and being a leader. Ask me again in a year and we will see some big changes I’m sure.

Your old and new primary question: How have they changed and how has that improved your life?

Anthony Leong: Allows me to focus on love and growth rather than frantically trying to get shit done, which I get done anyway.

Christie Jenkins:  My old question was ‘how can I win at this?’ My friends and family will tell you that I am extremely competitive and no wonder when I go around asking myself this question. My new question makes my brain appreciate the present moment and the people around me: ‘how can I celebrate and share even more of who I am, and who others are, in this moment?’

One sentence to describe yourself before the event and yourself after the event. “From…. to…”

Anthony Leong: From having an itch inside I couldn’t scratch to feeling the love

Christie Jenkins: From orange to yellow… you have to go and experience the event to understand my answer!

Contributions and reviews provided by:
Anthony Leong
Occupation: Chiropractor
Facebook: Tones Leong

Christie Jenkins
Occupation: Speaker, professional athlete (beach volleyball), management consultant
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Christina Wallace
Occupation: Educator, mother, author, personal results coach, and transformation coach in education, business, and nonprofit organizations.
CEO of EmpowerTeach and Founder of EmpowersU, non-profit empowering others to have breakthroughs in their lives.

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  1. Anthony Leong

    Anthony Leong here. I was featured in the article above. It’s been two years since Date With Destiny. I’ve since started a new chiropractic practice and am enjoying lots of time with my wife and kids at the same time. Achieved my goals set out at the TR seminar. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Dave

    Yes as with everything it is about the value you get and how/if you use and apply it. When it comes to personal development you need to be in it for the long run, and believe that you can get better through your hard work and effort. That is why it is important to develop a Growth Mindset


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