Do You Have a Millionaire Mindset? Here Is How You Can Develop One Today

How much money would you want to have in the bank? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Who do y0u want to spend your time with? What would it mean for you and your family if you never have to worry about money again? It is possible for you to have everything that you want; it is possible for your dreams to come true. That includes your desire to become a millionaire.

But it starts with you having the right mindset. 

If you want to be rich, you have to start thinking like a millionaire. When you develop a millionaire mindset you will start attracting wealth and abundance into your life as you will start doing the things you need to create more wealth and abundance.

The problem is,  most of us want to be a millionaire, but what is stopping us is our limiting beliefs. We all have a financial set point, a level that we are comfortable with even if you do not realize it. Your comfort zone is like the thermostat in your home, it is set to a certain temperature, when it gets too hot the air conditioning turns on, get too cold the heater turns on keeping your home at the temperature you desire it to be based on its pre-programing. Your inner financial set point works the same way keeping you in your financial comfort zone until you reset your financial thermostat. Many people are not able to achieve the level of financial success they want no matter how hard they work towards it because their limiting beliefs are keeping them from breaking through the glass ceiling keeping them stuck at a certain level.

For example, if your financial thermostat is set at $50,000 per year, and you for some reason you earn $40,000 by June, your mental thermostat will kick in causing you to cruise throughout the rest of the year, doing just enough to reach the $50,000 mark by the end of the year. The worst part is, it is not something that you are conscious of.  If you do not retrain your subconscious mind, those limiting beliefs and negative attitudes towards money will keep you stuck where you are. Think of it this way, if you have 20 horses but 15 or pulling in one direction, and 5 is pulling in the other direction, you can bet who the winner will be, the 15 horses.  The 5 horses are your conscious mind, your conscious intention, what it is you would like to achieve financially, but the 15 horses are your unconscious  mind; your unconscious programing about money. If your unconscious beliefs about money is negative, that you will never have enough, you don’t deserve to be rich or to have enough, you will always be poor, money will lead you down the wrong path, guilt you have about money, then no matter what good intentions you have or how hard you work, you will never have enough until you change your limiting beliefs.

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Here is how you can start developing a money mindset or a millionaire mindset:

  1. Take responsibility for making it happen. Stop playing the blame game; it is no one’s fault why you are not where you want to be. Too many of us are busy blaming others for where our lives are instead of taking steps to have what we want. Adopt the philosophy that if its going to happen, it is up to you. No one else is responsible for you becoming a millionaire or achieving the level of success you want.
  2. Identify and release limiting beliefs about money. In addition to some of them I listed about, limiting beliefs like, it is self-fish to want to be wealthy, you have to have money to make money, the more money you have is the more problems you will have, wealth brings pain and misery, or how about this one, I don’t have what it takes to make money, or I can make money but I can never hold unto it. Which one of these beliefs can you identify with? One of the best way to retrain your mind to have a millionaire mindset is by using affirmations. By repeating affirmations out loud or silently to yourself each day you will begin to release those limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind with new and empowering beliefs. Affirmations like, “I am attracting more wealth and abundance into my life every day”, “I am the head and not the tail, I shall lend and not borrow”, “I have everything I need to create everything I want”, “I am now using my core genius to create abundance and prosperity in my life”, “I am enjoying living an abundant life with my family”. When you repeat empowering affirmations daily, your mind will work overtime to close the cap of where you are now to where you would like to be.
  3. Visualize your desired outcome. Too many of us spend our time visualizing or thinking about what we do not want instead of what we really want. We spend countless hours thinking about losing our homes, not being able to take care of our family, instead of using our brain power to think about and visualize what we actually want to see. Visualize yourself actually achieving your affirmations at least two times daily, right after you wake up and just before you go to your bed. Question, what would your life be like if you achieve your financial goal, who would you be spending most of your day with, what would you be doing, how much money would you have in the bank? Most importantly, start feeling the feeling you would have felt if you had already achieves it.
  4. Start acting like a millionaire. Right where you are starts practicing the principle of acting as if. If you were already a millionaire, how would you be acting? How would you walk, speak, look and feel?  What would your attitude be, how would you interact with others? Everyday start acting like you are already a millionaire. When you do it in your mind first, then your external world will follow. Everything is created twice; it is first created in the mind before it is created in the physical realm. When you start acting as if you are a millionaire the energy of that will help you to attract the people, resources and opportunities to actually create it in your life.

It is possible for you to achieve financial success, but many  of you are standing in your own way. It is time to get out of your way so you can enjoy an abundant life. Get rid of any negative story about why you are not where you should be, who hurt you, what someone did and so forth. I heard Bishop TD Jakes said something that is very powerful. He said some of us are holding unto your stories at the expense of your destiny. What are the stories you are holding unto that is preventing you from becoming a millionaire or achieving success in different areas of your life?

What is one belief that you have that is stopping you and what is one action you are going to take to bring you closer to your dream of becoming a millionaire?

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  1. Benjamin Ehinger

    The money mindset starts with picking up the book Think and Grow Rich. It may be an old one, but it has just about everything anybody needs to gain this type of mindset. In fact, the tips you provided, in a different form, are a part of the book.


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