5 Best Ways to Make a Living Online

Have you found that being cooped up in an office all day is proving damaging to your positive mindset? Need more fulfillment from your days and want to be your own boss? The solution isn’t hard to find: earning money online can offer you enormous amounts of freedom to work on your own schedule and pursue your passions. The scope of work available is big enough that there is sure to be something suited to your interest, skills, and circumstances. We have rounded up the five best ways you can make a living without ever having to leave your home, so you can earn more money and spend more time doing what you love.

Make Money Fast With These Simple Methods

If you have access to a computer and can get online, then you have access to the world. Thousands of people every year give up the traditional 9-5 in favor of something that affords them greater flexibility to travel and pursue their dreams. As with any career move, it requires commitment, drive and passion to make it work, but the rewards are huge. If you’re ready to take the next big step in your life, consider one of these guaranteed online money-makers:

Start Blogging

Are you a keen writer with a passion for all things new and exciting? If the answer is anywhere close to a yes, you should consider starting a blog. The beauty of blogging is that it can be as broad or as niche as you like: whether your passion is for motorsports or cooking, current affairs or gardening, if you write engaging posts, it’s only a matter of time before like-minded people start to follow you. We wrote recently about the various ways you can turn your blogging into a career. With a good social media following and strong readership, you might begin to see offers for producing sponsored posts and product partnerships.

Market Your Website

For anyone with a website that receives a certain number of monthly visits, the opportunity to open up the site to third-party advertising is a lucrative one. By using a company like affilinet, you can become an affiliate publisher and continue running your site as usual, while adverts are generated that target your particular audience and their preferences. This means that the marketing that visitors see is non-invasive and aligned with their interests, so it won’t affect their relationship with your site. Earn money either through every click, lead or sale made through the ads you host; whichever you prefer.

Sell Your Stuff

We all know about the existence of sites such as eBay and Amazon, but few of us truly realize their potential for making serious money. eBay expert Linda Lightman has turned her online selling into an empire, and states that “the average household has over 52 items worth over $3,000 just lying around”. The key to really leveraging the power of online selling is all in the product portrayal: use lots of crisp, high quality images that show all of the details a buyer might want to know about. Write smart, catchy titles using the same terms people search with, and lengthy product descriptions that offer all kinds of interesting details: size, colors, fabrics, brands, and age.

Use Job Apps

There has been an explosion in the number of apps released which offer ways for you to pick up one-time paid jobs for people in your area. Whether it’s cleaning, repair work, or something else entirely, these platforms make finding work easy. Because you are responsible for reaching out to those offering work, you can pick whichever tasks are best suited to your schedule and interests. Whether you opt for services through companies such as Task Rabbit, you can be certain of a safe and convenient way to make cash quickly.

Test Websites

Do you know how much testing goes into the creation of all of the websites and apps we use on a regular basis? A lot. With so many sites and apps being developed out there, there is a constant need for people to run simple user tests on them. There are a number of sites out there begging for your time and online-savvy: you simply sign up and receive different tasks by email. Typically they will require you to explore and navigate different sites and apps, and sometimes provide feedback in the form of written responses or a simple rating. For a constant stream of work, be sure to sign up to as many sites as possible.

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