5 Signs You Should Sack Your Boss and Start a New Career

If you have been feeling out of your element at your job lately, don’t ignore this sign. Your emotions are telling you that you it’s time to change directions and start a new career.

Perhaps you want to create a career on your own terms with entrepreneurship. Or you want to work in a company like Google which puts emphasis on employees’ freedom and innovation. Whatever it is, don’t ignore your intuition.

If you are not sure, here are the five signs that show you need to start a new career.

1. The Work is not Challenging Anymore

If the work no longer tests your abilities, it’s a strong indicator that you need to find something else and start a new career. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t gonna help you grow. And the worst thing is that when you don’t grow, you will stagnate and your mind will atrophy.

The right career or company will push your mind to its limits. That is how you grow, in career and in life. The right career will allow you to use your creativity and not suppress it. It will make you question things and not accept them with conformity.

2. Everyone in Your Workplace is Mediocre

If all your colleagues and higher-ups are too lazy to fix the mistakes they make repeatedly, if they are too comfortable to innovate and find new realms of mastery, then it is certainly not the right workplace for you. You need to start a new career so that you can fight mediocrity and achieve extraordinary results.

Jim Rohn said that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. Think how great you’ll feel to work around people who grind hard, who have dreams that give them burning passion, who see obstacles as opportunities to grow.

3. You are Only Motivated by Money

If all that motivates you is money, then it’s not the right career for you. Why? Because money can only satisfy the ego, the mind – not the heart. And when you can’t put your heart into something, it’s extremely hard to succeed at it.

Sure, money can give you a great lifestyle. But what good is a life where your sense of worth comes from your possessions and your ability to take vacations (or in other words, escape reality!) You want a career you never want to take a vacation from.

4. There is No Mentor Around

When you work in an organization, you need to be around people that teach you valuable things. If your managers or supervisors don’t hold themselves to high standards and lack expertise, then there’s nothing you can gain from them. In this case, it’s best to start a new career or switch to a better organization.

You want to have seniors who lift you up and teach you the essentials of growth in your field. People around you affect you in a great way. So choose wisely.

The best mentors don’t just give you technical knowledge, they help shape your character, values, self-awareness, empathy, and capacity for respect. They know that non-cognitive skills (discipline, integrity, decisiveness, initiative) matter a lot more than cognitive skills (thinking and reasoning).

5. Employees Leave Constantly

If nobody else except you has stayed for a long time in your company, then realize that there is a serious issue with the organization. Most probably, the top-level managers don’t care about what goes on and don’t have any concern for the employees. This is a toxic work environment and should be left as soon as you become aware of it.

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