How To Become An Entrepreneur

How to become an entrepreneur? Well it’s much like when you first learned to walk. You weren’t sure what you were doing, you knew it was something you wanted but you kept falling over. Time and again you’d stumble until you learned that you could crawl. Each day you got better so then you kept crawling until you finally could stand on your own two feet. It was then that you saw the world from a whole different perspective. This was your first breakthrough in life.

As an entrepreneur you will constantly be falling down until you learn how to stand on your own, and yes even then you will fall again and again.

Like a newborn child everything will be new to you. You’ll be overwhelmed with information. Yet, you don’t let that hold you back and you keep pushing yourself forward. The only way you can fail is if you give up.

Your journey may be just beginning, or maybe you need a reminder of what you are fighting for, take some advice from some entrepreneurs who have survived their trials and gone on to thrive.


How To Become An Entrepreneur - Thoughts From 5 Of The Best Truth About Success

Dale Partridge  

Dale Partridge is the former founder of Sevenly, the current founder of Startup Camp, Best-Selling Author, and whose companies have done $25 Million in revenue and donated over $4 Million.

When you’re starting off an as entrepreneur, what is your motivation for achieving success? Dale made this startling realization early on and flipped his money motivation upside down. He was no longer someone who was just making money; he was someone making money and tying it to a purpose.

“See money not at the primary goal but as a by-product of helping a million people,” – Dale Partridge

Dale became generous and this lead to enormous amounts of success for himself. He acquired large social media accounts to help boost his influence. People would come to him asking if he could promote themselves and almost all the time, he would promote them for free because he knew if he was helping them, they in would return would help him. He saw that by being generous he could multiply his become.

A shift Dale made as an entrepreneur is he went from making money to creating awesome content. He knew that by creating awesome content, he could make money, a lot of money. When you focus on only making money in a business, it will leave you feeling unfulfilled.  

Dale chose one thing and become a master at it. His one thing was to become a master marketer, and that’s exactly what he did. He read over 100 books on marketing. What’s something you can become the best at in the world? Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices? One you decide to what it is, master it.

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting your business is the least known path of them all. Follow in the footsteps of those who are already successful.

Lewis Howes

Mr Howes is a former pro-athlete turned New York Times Best-Selling Author and podcast host of The School of Greatness which is ranked as one of the top 100 podcasts in the world.

Lewis Howes understood that as an entrepreneur, you can’t play it safe and always need to be pushing yourself. When you stop pushing yourself, you will become complacent. Complacency will lead you to failure. Strive to be a different person from the previous day.

How To Become An Entrepreneur - Thoughts From 5 Of The Best Lewis Howes

As an athlete, Lewis learned the importance of taking care of both his mind and body. You can’t become successful overtime if you let your body deteriorate because there will become a time which you physically can’t work anymore. Don’t you won’t to be on the top of your game at all times?

Lewis had all these ideas for different businesses he wanted to start. What he realized is that it was simply impossible to start every business he had in mind. Lewis understood he needed to get clarity in his life. When you’re starting as an entrepreneur, ask yourself, “What’s my end goal?”

With the business you start, be authentic in everything you do. People will be able to tell when you’re inauthentic because it won’t align with your values. At the end of the day, you need to listen to your gut because this is your business and not someone else’s.

Grant Cardone

Cardone is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, creator of Grant Cardone TV, CEO of four businesses, and currently has over $400 million worth of real estate holdings.

Grant Cardone didn’t create his empire overnight. He’s emphasized the word failure. If you’re willing to risk failure, eventually you’ll be able to have anything you want. Those who complain the most are the people who are scared to fail. You will not live the life you desire by playing it safe, it’s impossible. Don’t live the rest of your entrepreneurial life regretting something because you were too scared to fail.

How To Become An Entrepreneur - Thoughts From 5 Of The Best Grant Cardone

When you start a business and something goes wrong, you will want to make excuses. Guess what? Those excuses will not solve your problems. Everyone has excuses, but it doesn’t mean they’re good. Overcome the excuses you make by taking action. Taking action will always solve your problems more than making excuses.

Everyone wants to become successful. No one grows up wanting to become a failure. To make sure you don’t join the club of mediocrity, you will need to be relentless as an entrepreneur. There’s no such thing as an eight hour workday. You work until the job gets done. You don’t have set hours and sometimes this can become a hindrance as you’ll keep procrastinating. Create a list of five things you need to accomplish each day and don’t stop working until you cross everything off your list.

Grant focuses on his goals daily. He writes them each morning he wakes up. Why is he doing this? Because it reminds him of the target he’s trying to hit and why he’s being relentless. If your goals become out of sight, they become out of mind and you’re less likely to achieve them.

Alan Burak

Alan is the founder of the renowned investment firm, Never Alone Capital where he specializes in helping every day traders understand the power of options.

When you start as an entrepreneur, you will be tugged in tons of different directions. The problem is if you follow each of these directions you will not accomplish much. You’re going to minor in tons of tasks instead of majoring in one. Much like the advice Lewis Howes gave on finding clarity, Alan echo’s the same advice stating that where you put your focus your energy will flow.

If you’re thinking about everything that’s going wrong in your business, you will attract more negative events to happen. I’m not saying it will be all roses, you will find hardships, but like Grant Cardone said, you can’t let excuses define who you are because you’ll live a mediocre life.

Alan learned from going broke twice that if you really want something it needs to become a MUST. You can just kinda want to become successful.  Know you will become successful. If you don’t know 100% heart in your heart that you will succeed as an entrepreneur then you shouldn’t even be starting a business. When you doubt yourself and your abilities, you might as well as be finished.

David Goggins

David Goggins is a retired Navy Seal and a ultra-endurance athlete who has ran some of the toughest races including the Hurt 100 and the Badwater 135.

While not an entrepreneur himself, Goggins is the epitome of what it takes to become successful in life.

It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day routine. Before you know it, days, weeks, months, or even years have passed. Goggins understood he couldn’t have the same day to day routine if he wanted to become successful because he would become complacent. As we know, complacency will lead you to a destination you don’t want to be at.

Goggins is always trying to get out of his comfort zone. How can you do this? Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. The more uncomfortable situations you put yourself in, the quicker you will get to your desired success.

He accepted his journey for where he was. The journey you have for success will differ from the journey I’m on. Embrace the journey for everything it’s worth. Use your struggles and failures to push you forward. When you’re trying to become a successful entrepreneur, there is no such thing as an easy path.

What enabled Goggins to become an ultra-endurance athlete is that he could breakthrough his mental barriers. He was striving to become the next greatest version of himself. Never settle for where you are. When you breakthrough walls you’ become mentally tough.

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