9 Disciplines of Every Successful Entrepreneur

Every successful entrepreneur has mastered one crucial skill, discipline. Below we specify 9 disciplines of every successful entrepreneur. Learn them, master them and success will follow.

If you would like a more in depth guide to the disciplines of every successful entrepreneur. We recommend Brian Tracy’s free e-book.



You must know before you set sail, in which direction you are travelling. You must not only know your destination but strongly believe in who you are, what you are capable of and what you will achieve. The message, culture and function of your company. What are you trying to do? And what will your company achieve? this must all be stated clearly on paper and put somewhere you will see it day and night. repeat it to yourself consistently. This will become your obsession. This will become your mantra. Your bible for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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You must have unshakeable belief in your mission statement. You know what you are doing is of value, recognition will come later on in the piece. It is bullish consistent commitment, that has gotten 99% of companies off the ground. Find the very best in the field you want to be a part of and do it better. You know where you are going, there is not a thing in this world that will stop you.


You will need the basic skills to perform the function of your role, yes. But the competence I speak of is in the application you deliver day after day. There will be things you do not know, discover it, learn about it, completely MASTER it, and move on to the next objective. Your dilligence will not only reward you but anyone you work with will see this diligence and they will develop their own belief in your journey, their own pride. Great companies have great culture.


“Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. This improves the odds of success. If other people are putting in 40 hour work weeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing you know that, you will achieve in 4 months what it takes them a year to achieve.” – Elon Musk



If your company started today, there could be a game changing development tomorrow. Be ready to adapt and change how you do things at any moment. You must always be on the look out for ways to not only be pro active but to streamline the efficiency of your operation. How to do to it faster, cheaper, better? brainstorm the answers every day. Examine the top competitor in your field what are they doing well? And how can you do it better?



Get to know your self, that is self-discipline, self-control and self-development


  • You must have the self discipline to do what others won’t, to get up every day before the sun, to keep working when most would of quit, to do what needs to be done when you have nothing left. Successful entrepreneurs have the self discipline to take steps every day towards achieving their goals.


  • Self control you must be able to eliminate any distractions to your goals. The ability to not cave in when the whole world seems against you and you just want to unwind and forget about it all. You will keep grinding, no distractions you will accept success and nothing less!


  • Discovering the power of self development is a pivotal realization every successful entrepreneur will come to, you can literally improve every mental faculty you possess, concentration, determination, focus, creativity, drive, ambition, optimism, just to name a few. Self development also refers to the pursuit of knowledge, gaining functional intelligence, techniques or skills every day that you can utilise towards the achievement of your goal. Begin your self-developmental journey today.


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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is something that is mentioned a lot, because successful people know just how important it is. One positive thought does not count sadly, you need to develop the habit of positive thinking. You need to truly believe you will succeed with every fibre in your being. You need to frequently and passionately visualize success at every opportunity. This re wires your brain into knowing that your objectives are obtainable and will subconsciously work towards their achievement.



Through exercise and diet you can gain more energy, improve your self-discipline, gain perspective, reduce stress, increase brain function and live longer. Your brain is the most important tool of your trade, you must keep it well maintained. Every successful person has one eye on their health. Your health is the foundation on which you will build an empire, keep it strong.

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Time Management

Time management is often overlooked. Most people believe if they work 100 hours a week they automatically qualify for a tick next to time management. Work smarter not harder. Time management refers to the efficiency you can complete tasks you should use your mental energy as a sword not a hammer, eliminating your tasks in a swift, precise movement not via blunt force trauma. Constantly look for ways to increase your efficiency, ask others in similar fields how they do things, learn processes fully the first time so you are not relearning already used skills each time they’re needed. Have a plan for each day, which task you will finish and how. And of course eliminate any distractions, email, social media, loud noise etc. can all affect your flow.



You can be as successful as you believe possible. Literally millions of people with less intelligence than you and less drive than you have become successful already. Decide what you’re going to do and attack it tirelessly every single day.

Memorise the 9 disciplines & practice them religiously. Get out there and make it happen.

Leave no doubt. Accept success and nothing less.


Achievement Goal Setting Win Money Success Work Motivation As Bad As You Want To Breath Elon Musk Entrepreneur Hard Work Hours Success Money Wealth Ethic



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