What would you choose? Red Pill Blue Bill – What Is More Important To You?

Take the blue pill and you go back to the start, but with all the knowledge you have today – Take the red pill and you lose time, fast forward 30 years, but now have financial freedom.

To put it into a simple question, what is more valuable to you, money or time?

Blue Pill

You’ve gone back to the start, ten years old, with all the knowledge you have now. You might be thinking that everything will be smooth this time around… but what if you get caught up in your old negative mind patterns? What if all your knowledge means nothing when you go back? If you had a poor work ethic and discipline – that is going with you too.

If you believe in the law of attraction and what you have right now is not to your liking, what makes you think you’ll do better next time? In life, there’s no control alt delete button for a reason – challenges, mistakes, and failures, they all GROW us and develop the character needed for success. Without struggle there is no success. There is no character and heart without those moments where we were forced to dig deep.

If you go back, you are running away, and you haven’t learnt the lessons that could serve you well in the future.

Red Pill

The real downside to this choice is that you have lost time. To some, that might be more important than anything, even money. You’ve lost time with loved ones. You’ve lost time to ENJOY your life.

Not only have you lost time, but you didn’t EARN your life, it was given. Knowing you didn’t earn it will likely make you feel empty inside, because you’ve missed out on the PRIDE of self growth.

$50 million will buy you some fun though…

The Third Option

There’s always a third option! Life is never black and white. The third option, is of course, that you don’t take any pill. You know that life is perfect as it is, and every moment, including the challenges made you who you are today.
Knowing this, you decide to be grateful for all you do have, and continue to work on becoming the greatest version of yourself.

You already have the knowledge you were going to get from the blue pill, and you are more than capable of EARNING the money that would have come from the red pill.

red pill blue pill

What Would You Do?

If you’ve been following us for a while, we hope there is only ONE option on the table…
Get out there and EARN your greatest ever life!

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