Top 5 Motivational Books You Must Read For Future Success

Motivation strikes when you least expect it, but let’s face it – if you just sit and wait for motivation to happen to you, you can hardly get anything done. Successful people seek out what they want, they do not just wait for something to come up and help them achieve their goals.

When it comes to books, choosing the right one is always more complicated than it seems. Some motivational books are written to inspire, others are written with the intention of giving strategies for you to work on in your own time.  These best selling books are both motivational and priceless in terms of the strategies the authors give to change your life forever. Try one of these 5 Motivational Books and you may just change your life forever.

1. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

‘Transform your life, work and confidence with everyday courage’ 

In The 5 Second Rule, Robbins uses riveting facts and stories sourced in some of the most important moments in business, history and art. Her approach towards motivational writing is different from everything else you will find in the library. After all, we are talking about an author whose TEDx Talk has been viewed by over 12 million people at this point.

Don’t miss out on this book. Mel Robbins is one of the most popular motivational speakers and authors, and in her book you will find all the information you need about the power of what she calls ‘the push moment’. When you get the idea of what this is, the book will introduce you to a tool that will take you five seconds, and will help you turn into the best version of yourself.

“Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for a just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that’s designed to stop you. And it happens in less than—you guessed it—five seconds.”

2. Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

‘Your Financial Freedom Playbook’

This is just one of the many self-help books written and published by the brilliant Tony Robbins. Robbins is the author of the popular Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power, but the book that got to second spot in our very limited list is his latest book – Unshakeable.

In this book, Robbins used what he learned in the interviews with fifty of the greatest financial minds in the world. His first book ‘Money: Master the Game’ introduced these findings and took the first spot in the New York Times bestseller list at the time, but Robbins somehow managed to rise over this success and return with a much stronger playbook.

If you read ‘Unshakeable’, you are about to become a part of a journey that allows you to get the financial freedom you always wanted. This is a motivational book that transforms the financial understanding and potentially the life of the reader, regardless of the starting point or salary.

“I can tell you the secret to happiness in one word: progress.”

3. Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

‘The Science of Succeeding with People’

Vanessa Van Edwards is more than just a regular motivational speaker. This motivational author is also a hacker of human behavior, and a researcher of the hidden forces within. In this book, you will find various secrets, but also systems and shortcuts to improve the communication at home and at work, as well as any other social situation. These lessons are nothing like the ones you’ve heard in school or in life. We believe that this is the first and perhaps only real manual with unique ideas that build connections with people.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

4. Win Bigly by Scott Adams

‘Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter’

Adams was undoubtedly one of the first people who predicted the win of Trump in his blog. According to this author, the persuasion in Trump were key to the election, and this was something you see only once in an entire generation.

You may think that the book is all about politics, but it is definitely not. Win Bigly goes way beyond it, looking at the persuasion tools you can use to succeed. In addition to pointing out to such skills in Trump, the author also finds such motivation in Steve Jobs and his decision to invest in Apple.

“On all the important stuff, we are emotional creatures who make decisions first and rationalize them after the fact.”

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

You may find his writing to be a bit preachy, but this is definitely a book to read. Stephen Covey provides readers with a kind of a road map for better living. His book provides you with habits you should acquire if you aim to become a better and more successful person.

Sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, reap a destiny.

That’s all you need for now. Visit the library or purchase the books online. Get into a comfortable position, and get a huge boost of motivation through something as simple as reading!

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  1. Keshav Sharma

    Great suggestions, Brandon. Thanks for sharing. Reading self-help books is an amazing habit. I have learned many great ideas from such books and have implemented them in my life. These have helped me to become a better person.


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