This is why SOME succeed and MOST fail.

When No One Is Watching – Motivational Speech

This is why SOME succeed and MOST fail. Click to Tweet

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When No One Is Watching – Motivational Speech – Motivational Video – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Leonard Sicilian, Chris Ross

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Transcript – When No One Is Watching – Motivational Video | Fearless Motivation


So many people listen to great advice from great teachers… they listen to great material…

 they read books from the best coaches and most successful people in the world… but they get little or no results.

They wonder why, after all this reading and listening… nothing happens… 

But some other people listen and achieve huge life changing shifts… Why? I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why some get results and some don’t.

It’s what happens AFTER they turn the audio off. It’s what happens AFTER they put the book down. AFTER the coach goes home. AFTER the speech has ended. 

It’s what happens WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING. That’s when it counts.


These teachings, books and speeches are NOT made to ONLY get you pumped up for 5 minutes while you listen to them. They are designed to SHARPEN YOUR MIND.

 To CREATE A MINDSET that is prepared to WORK. To create a HABIT of putting in the hard yards.

You must listen to successful people to LEARN MORE – but that learning doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you don’t APPLY what you have learned.

It’s what you do AFTER you have learned that counts.

 After the coaching session. After the master has left. AFTER the training session

Are you willing to put in the work behind closed doors?

 Are you willing to CONTINUE the pursuit of more knowledge – AFTER the course has ended? 

AFTER the motivational video has ended? AFTER your training partner has given up?

Or will you be like the majority… And just step back into average. Go about your average day. At your average job.

 And then go to your average home where you will turn on the tv and watch average shows…

Turn that crap off and READ something. LISTEN to something and then APPLY that something!


… Your SUCCESS will be determined by what you do WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING.

 Let me repeat that.

 The level of success you will achieve will be determined by the WORK YOU PUT IN when no one is watching. By the work you put in when you’re tired.

 By the WORK you put in when you don’t feel like it.

 By the EFFORT you put in when you feel like you don’t have anything left inside.

You’re tired? I don’t care.

You’ll always be tired if you don’t suck it up now. You’ll be tired of being broke. Tired of living with no passion. Tired of not living your potential. Tired of being sick and sick of being sick and tired!


When no one is watching – THAT is when you work. That is when you push harder. THAT is when it really counts.

I could say so many things that could change your life.

 On this channel we have already.

 Some have completely changed their lives. But some are in the same position. Why? Because when this is over SOME choose to PUSH HARDER. And some choose to take it easy.

Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?

Are you the one that is prepared to suffer today for a better tomorrow? Or are you the one who takes it easy today and will suffer tomorrow because of that decision?

Who are you?

Who are you?!
 Who are you?!

Remember this:
When you think no one is watching… you’re wrong. There’s always one person watching. It’s your future self. Your future self is begging you to show some GUTS. To show some heart. To do that little extra NOW, so you can live with pride later.

Don’t let your future self down.

'It’s what you do AFTER you have learned that counts. Click to Tweet

when no one is watching

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