Is the gym your escape? The place you go to shut the world out? Put the headphones on and listen to this!

This Is My Escape – Epic Gym Motivational Speech!

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MY ESCAPE – Motivational Speech – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Chris Ross

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Film By Etienne Rouleau | Indie Creative Agency
Cast: Phoebe Hutchinson, Hamish Mehrtens, Sam Mercuri, Royce NewtonHolly Hiney

Transcript – MY ESCAPE – Gym Motivational Speech | Fearless Motivation

This is my escape…
This is my anchor…
The place I go, every day,
To be alone with my thoughts

To push myself
To prove, to myself
I can go beyond the pain
Beyond any limits I thought existed.

Not everyone gets it
That’s ok.
I don’t get them either…
This is MY time…
My time…
Where I leave the world behind…

Headphones on. World off.
Sweat. Pain. Out of breath,
I’d rather die than leave
with anything left

There won’t be anything left!
Not an ounce of effort!

I give MY ALL!
That’s who I am.
That’s all I know.
That’s how I grow!

I’ve never known anything
Less than 100%
Maybe that’s why I’m not
In the 99%

The 99% who settle
Who never push
Never reach for what they want in life…
Never go the extra mile.
Those who make excuses…
But never take action!
Those who quit when it’s hard
So will always find it hard…

They’ll always find life hard
Because they always choose easy.

I’m just glad that’s not me
I DEICDE who I am going to be!

It starts and ends with ME!

It starts here every day!
That’s why I go through hell
To prepare myself for the world
To callus my hands
And callus my mind
So I’m not the average kind!

It starts here!
Here where I’m willing to die
I’ll die before giving up!
I’ll die before giving in!
That’s just who I am!

It’s starts NOW
And it never stops!
That’s just who I AM!

And I’m not changing for any one.

my escape

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